¼ investors in the US own Bitcoin, says Grayscale’ research

¼ investors in the US own Bitcoin, says Grayscale’ research
¼ investors in the US own Bitcoin, says Grayscale' research 4

According to a recent survey, around 25% of Investors in the United States own Bitcoin. And this number has surged around 50% over the last year. 

Over year by year, crypto adoption is increasing in almost every type of area, whether they are developed or developing. However, the crypto adoption rate may be different in different countries but overall it is increasing. The latest survey has been conducted by fund manager firm Grayscale over the crypto investors’ holding Bitcoins.

On the first day of 2021, Bitcoin touched around a 70% surge over last year. However, the surge in the price of Bitcoin was fully dominant because of the support of Elon Musk to add Bitcoin as payment in the Tesla car company.

The grayscale firm conducted research on the adoption of crypto investors in the US. According to the research of Grayscale firm, around 26% of the US citizens are holding Bitcoins because of the influence of the high-level support to the crypto firms. And around 60% of the respondents hinted that they are interested in crypto investment, so the report tried to hint that this adoption rate is only gonna increase.

Research also revealed that around 55% of the Bitcoin holders entered Bitcoin in the last 12 months. That means a surge in the adoption of Bitcoin took place at a better level, even at a high price. However, research suggests that there can be a reason like COvid 19 pandemics that forced people to convert fiat into Bitcoin.

Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein said that investors are looking to make money in the long term with their holdings.

“The 2021 Bitcoin Investor Study results confirm that more investors see long-term value in adding Bitcoin and digital currencies to their investment portfolios”

In the past, the crypto adoption rate surged among youngsters and became more dominant in males. But latest research confirmed that people in the age range of 55 to 64 also showed huge interest, the surge in these aged people is around 46% over 2020.

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