20 Crypto Influencers You Should Know

No matter whether you’re just starting out in the crypto world, want to dive deeper into it, or are already a seasoned crypto expert, it’s always a good idea to keep your finger on the pulse of the crypto market. 

Knowing what’s happening in the crypto sphere is vital for being able to make good trades, no matter whether you’re investing in the long or short term. Because of this, one of the first pieces of advice we give to all crypto newbies is “follow as many reliable sources of information on crypto as you can.”

However, because of the speculative and volatile nature of crypto, following just the news isn’t enough. In order to truly prosper in this industry, one has to keep track of market sentiment. The more you know about other crypto investors, the better prepared you will be when major price movements occur. For example, many experts already know that tons of investors have the so-called “weak hands” — they sell off their crypto as soon as the price starts dropping. Expert investors often see these moments as buy opportunities.

There are two ways to keep up with the cryptocurrency world and the people that populate it: first, join the communities directly via Discord, Reddit, and other social networks. Second, following crypto influencers that aggregate all the information you need to know on their profiles. 

Who are Crypto or Blockchain Influencers?

Although the word “influencer” has been around for a very, very long time, it has gained a new meaning recently. Rather than being just a generic term for everyone that influences others, it has come to mean “people who have a following online and can influence others to buy a product or service.”

Well, crypto influencers don’t want to sell you a product or service… at least not most of the time. However, they can influence your decision on whether or not to buy or sell a certain coin or token. Additionally, crypto influencers often set the mood in the cryptocurrency space, especially if they have a big following.

At the end of the day, even if you don’t want to follow crypto influencers for any sort of investment insight or advice, or market research, you can always just follow them for some free entertainment — plenty of them have an excellent sense of humor and/or often tell their audience interesting stories and share insightful tidbits. 

List of the Best Crypto Influencers

There are hundreds of reliable influencers in the crypto space, and if you’ve been around for a while, you likely already have a list of the ones you personally trust and enjoy following on various social media platforms. 

If you’re just starting out on your journey of mastering Bitcoin and other digital currencies, haven’t really been keeping up with the crypto space that much, or want to follow someone new, read on to see our list of the top crypto influencers you can follow to become a better cryptocurrency investor today!

Elon Musk

With how much he has influenced the crypto industry in just this past year, it’d be hard to put Elon Musk anywhere but at the beginning of this list. He was the one behind the reinvigorated popularity of DOGE, the one who caused the Bitcoin price to crash in spring, and, ultimately, the one who boosted cryptocurrency to the new heights of popularity and hype at the beginning of 2021.

Some crypto enthusiasts actually dislike Elon Musk: in their opinion, he’s not serious enough about crypto and is in it for attention and money. Crypto and blockchain technology believers have always seen volatility as an obstacle the cryptocurrency market has to overcome to reach mass adoption, and the price instability that influencers like Musk create with their content is seen as a hindrance. 

However, if you’re looking for a fun influencer that posts not just about crypto but also space and other tech and can create tsunami-sized waves in the crypto sphere, you should definitely follow Elon Musk.

Vitalik Buterin

With Satoshi Nakomoto choosing to remain anonymous, Vitalik Buterin, the creator of the second most popular cryptocurrency, has naturally become somewhat of a poster child of the crypto world. This young crypto billionaire has not only co-founded Ethereum, but is also heavily involved in the cryptocurrency community as a whole.

Buterin often posts interesting insights about digital assets and blockchain on his Twitter account. He also shares articles and reviews that could be especially helpful to crypto newbies. 

Last but not least, Vitalik Buterin often posts about the future of the Ethereum network — one of the most innovative crypto projects out there.

Andreas Antonopoulos

Our crypto influencer list wouldn’t be complete without Andreas Antonopoulos, a tech entrepreneur that is famous for being one of the early adopters of Bitcoin and an avid blockchain advocate. He has written some of the most informative books on cryptocurrency, “The Internet of Money” being one of them. 

In addition to his Twitter account, you can also check out Andreas’ YouTube channel, where he posts crypto-themed videos for his 288 thousand subscribers. His videos give a great overview of how the cryptocurrency industry works, making them perfect for beginners. On his Twitter account, he posts educational content as well as his opinions on crypto-related news and all things blockchain.

Tim Draper

Tim Draper is a successful venture capitalist that has invested in companies like Tesla, Skype, Baidu, Twitch, Robinhood, and many other wildly successful projects. Draper has also extensively invested in crypto and is a known proponent of digital currency, blockchain technology, and decentralization. On his Twitter account, Tim Draper shares his thoughts and opinions on recent crypto and other tech-related news.

Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin, one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world. Lee has over a million followers on Twitter, and is one of the most popular crypto influencers.

In addition to sharing the latest Litecoin news and updates, Lee often talks about the latest crypto and blockchain news. He also frequently shares crypto memes and other fun and entertaining content.

Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano is one of the biggest crypto influencers — he has over a million followers on Twitter and there are 240 thousand people subscribed to his YouTube channel

In addition to posting tons of educational content focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain, Pompliano has his own podcast, releases interviews with other crypto influencers and experts, and holds discussion on all things Bitcoin and crypto. 

It is no wonder that so many people choose to trust Pompliano and listen to what he has to say: as an early adopter of Bitcoin, he certainly knows both the crypto industry and market inside out. 

Erik Voorhees

Erik Voorhees is the founder of ShapeShift, an open-source crypto platform that people can use to exchange digital currency. He’s an avid proponent of decentralized finance, Bitcoin, and blockchain technology, and even went so far as to transition ShapeShift from a centralized exchange to a decentralized one. 

Voorhees has a lot of strong opinions on the present and the future of crypto, and isn’t afraid to share them on his Twitter account with over 500 thousand followers.

Tone Vays

Tony Vays is a derivatives trader, an analyst, and a crypto influencer who is known for sharing his (quite strong) opinions on both crypto and non-crypto-related things. As an advocate of economic freedom through cryptocurrency and blockchain, he often engages in discussions and even arguments about the usefulness of crypto and its viability as a currency. 


PlanB is a well-known Dutch institutional investor that has a legal and quantitative financial background. He’s the creator of Bitcoin S2F — Stock-to-Flow, a model that uses scarcity to quantify Bitcoin’s value. Despite its name, this model is also applicable to other assets such as gold or silver.

On his account, he posts a lot of crypto price analysis and predictions, as well as analyzes the latest Bitcoin and blockchain news and theorizes on how they can impact crypto prices.

Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech (real name Ivan Liljeqvist) is a prominent crypto and blockchain influencer who is currently based in Sweden. He has his own academy where he teaches users how to get a job in the rapidly-changing and fast-growing crypto industry.

On his Twitter, he posts updates about his academy, his web3 project Moralis, and discusses the latest cryptocurrency news. 


CryptoBrekkie is a crypto artist — he’s known for his unique blockchain and cryptocurrency-themed artworks. He’s also a creative director at SwanBitcoin.com.

On his Twitter, he retweets interesting crypto tidbits, covers blockchain news, and shares his thoughts on the recent events in both the cryptocurrency industry and non-crypto stuff like politics. Additionally, he often posts his artworks — if that sounds like something you might be interested in, be sure to follow him!

Roger Ver

This entry on our list will be a bit strange. Roger Ver, who is sometimes called the “Bitcoin Jesus,” hasn’t tweeted anything since April 2021 — so following him won’t exactly provide you with any up-to-date information on the inner workings of the crypto industry and market. However, his account is still worth a read — just treat it more like a history book rather than a traditional influencer social media profile.

In order to better understand the crypto market, you should see how it has reacted to various changes and challenges in the past, so reading crypto influencers’ old tweets can be quite insightful.

Roger Ver is famous for being one of the earliest Bitcoin proponents and investors.

Nick Szabo

Nick Szabo is a cryptographer, legal scholar, and a computer scientist that is famous for his extensive research in the field of digital currencies and the invention of smart contracts. As a blockchain enthusiast and pioneer, Szabo has a lot to say on the topic of mass adoption and the utility cryptocurrencies provide.

On his Twitter account, Szabo often used to share his thoughts on the recent crypto- and non-crypto-related events. Yes, “used to”, as he hasn’t posted anything since March. Still, just like Roger Ver’s, his Twitter has a backlog of thoughts and discussions on all things crypto that is definitely worth checking out. 


CryptoCred is the account of a highly experienced and knowledgeable technical trader. In addition to posting his opinions on crypto and blockchain news, CryptoCred often talks about trading and how one can get better at it: he even has a free trading guide that can be easily accessed by any user who chooses to visit his Twitter account. 

If you’re interested in seeing trading updates, crypto market news discussions, and various trading tips, CryptoCred is definitely worth following.


DonAlt is a crypto trader that teaches investment and cryptocurrency trading and runs TechnicalRoundup together with CryptoCred (which is also definitely worth following if you’re into crypto trading).

DonAlt often posts witty comments on the recent cryptocurrency news, trading updates and tips, and real-life insights. 


Notsofast is a crypto influencer, altcoin miner, and an economic futurist. He’s also extremely passionate about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and art.

On his Twitter profile, he often talks about the recent developments in the crypto industry, and is especially interested in various altcoins. If you are interested in crypto and blockchain and see cryptocurrencies as more than just a way to make profit and a digital currency, then you should definitely consider following Notsofast.


WhalePanda is yet another crypto influencer that has stopped posting. However, unlike Ver and Szabo, he officially announced his retirement from the crypto influencer scene.

Even so, his account still has tons of useful information that both beginners and experts alike can greatly benefit from. We definitely recommend checking out his tweets and reading his opinions on all things Bitcoin and crypto.

Adam Back

Adam Back is a British cypherpunk and cryptographer. He advocates for widespread use of cryptography and other privacy-enhancing technologies as a way to bring about social and political change. Back invented Hashcash, a proof-of-work system used in Bitcoin mining.

On his Twitter account, Back shares his thoughts on the latest happenings in the crypto industry and gives detailed overviews of the latest changes and recent blockchain news. 

Josh Olszewicz

Josh Olszewicz is a crypto influencer that posts his opinions on blockchain news, crypto updates, and trading tips on both his Twitter account and his YouTube channel. His Twitter account is mostly used to post video updates, but he also sometimes retweets interesting thoughts of other members of the crypto community and gives his own comments on some blockchain-related topics.

Additionally, Olszewicz has a compilation of his best trading tips and tricks that is available absolutely for free — if you’re even remotely interested in crypto trading, it’s definitely worth checking out!


Loomdart is a crypto influencer that is particularly passionate about NFTs. 

If you’re into all aspects of crypto and believe that blockchain can disrupt a wide range of industries (and not just the banking one), look no further than Loomdart. Definitely follow this account if witty comments on all things crypto and genuine trading and investment tips sound like something you might be interested in.

Best Cryptocurrency Blogs

Of course, this list of influencers to follow is by no means exhaustive. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of crypto influencers out there who are all worth checking out. Additionally, there are just as many blogs, YouTube channels, and even TikTok accounts that any crypto investor can turn to for information.

If you don’t like reading personal opinions and don’t enjoy Twitter, you can always follow crypto media platforms like Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, the Coinbase blog, our own blog, and so on to get not only timely crypto news and updates, but also price predictions, market analysis, and educational articles. To gain a better understanding of the cryptocurrency space and the blockchain industry, you can also engage with other forms of media, such as crypto-themed movies, documentaries, and books.

Doing everything an online influencer tells you to do is unwise — there’s a good reason why many people on this list and our blog all have the “this is not a financial/investment advice” disclaimer. Be careful about who you choose to listen to, double-check all the information, and always do your own research before making any crypto investments. Good luck!

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