$33 billion firm Revolut may launch its own crypto token

$33 billion firm Revolut may launch its own crypto token
$33 billion firm Revolut may launch its own crypto token 2

According to reports Revolut payment app may launch its own crypto token. And it is expected that the firm will allow users to make huge profit by holding app tokens.

In the present time there are numerous tokens in the crypto market. And out of them only few hundreds of crypto assets have their own significance & use cases, otherwise all other assets are Ponzi or no use case. But those crypto services which are popular and have their own audience, are aware about the advantage that can be taken from the new crypto token. For example Binance coin, WRX token, Nexo token etc all are part of the Exchange token and they have only use cases at the exchange only and nowhere else. 

Revolut payment app is planning to introduce their own crypto token. And obviously, the benefit of the token of Revolut will be trading fees and holding benifits, just like Nexo or Binance coin. 

There may be other use cases, all will depend upon the firm’s planning. 

Here, this news is not official but as news is coming from genuine sources, so maybe there are high chances that Revolut may announce their new token soon in future. 

Right now Rovult Payment app is a $33 billion dollar company. The company is based in the UK. 

Revolut app allows their users to trade in crypto, stock & commodities. Earlier this app allowed limited crypto buy, hold and sell but later they allowed crypto trading with deposit & withdrawal full functionality. 

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