7 Metaverse Professions You Can Explore In 2023

7 Metaverse Professions You Can Explore In 2023

There are some pretty weird jobs in the physical world. There are people who work as professional sleepers, professional mourners, and other such oddities. 

If the physical world has room for strange jobs, it only makes sense for the metaverse to have strange jobs as well. Some of these metaverse professions caught our attention, so we’ve decided to put together a list of weird, or not-so-weird, jobs in the metaverse.

Metaverse + Jobs?

If you haven’t heard of the metaverse before now, here’s a brief summary. Essentially, the metaverse refers to a shared virtual world and digital spaces that people can experience using wearable technologies such as virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). The metaverse is not just one world. It is a collection of digital worlds.

So far, we have been witnessing a wave of investment rounds, as well as a growing number of innovative inventions, emerging within the new reality. While some of these inventions are strange, especially considering that they exist in a virtual environment, they are creating seemingly odd job opportunities for people who visit.

The existence of these odd metaverse jobs suggests that we may soon have professionals working in the metaverse by simply utilizing virtual reality glasses or other such accessories. Thankfully, the metaverse has everything it takes to become the new web space and create a conducive environment for virtual workers in their various jobs. 

Some of these professions are as weird as can be, so we decided to outline some of the strangest career paths job seekers can take in the brand-new world of extended reality. 

So let’s dive into the world of metaverse-related jobs!

#1 Metaverse Hairstylist

Grooming is one of the hallmarks of beauty for men and women, but hairstylists are so much more than the person who just cuts and colors hair. Hairstylists are hair and beauty experts, therapists, confidants, and friends. This natural bonding experience is something that many people will look for as they explore the world of augmented reality.

Hairstylists have already started opening salons for virtual citizens’ hair styling needs. Notably, Louise & Fred, one of Germany’s leading hair salons, is now the Metaverse’s first exclusive salon. So we already have hair stylists in virtual reality.

Mixed Reality

Many hairstylists are already using AR for educational and training purposes, so moving this job into the world of virtual reality won’t be a difficult transition. It is the perfect metaverse job because it is already happening.

Most people probably hear the term ‘hairstylist’ and assume that just means holding up scissors, a comb, or a blowdryer, but we often forget there is a lot of technical expertise that goes into accessing what look fits someone best and how to achieve that look. During COVID lockdowns, some hairstylists moved to online consultation work models and that seemed to work well for them. They provided clients from all over the world with professional beauty advice.

Imagine what it would be like if clients were able to book consultations in a metaverse. Imagine how it would feel to have a stylist try out different looks on them, and then confidently walk into a real salon knowing exactly what to tell a stylist. Work models that utilize both metaverses and physical worlds could very well end up creating a brand new career path for hairstylists!

Metaverse Only

Sometimes, people want to make their avatars look beautiful and ready for that big date in a completely virtual setting. These salons allow you to book appointments, get all sorts of hair treatments, and even buy accessories. Making one’s virtual self look better than one’s real self is a superb investment for most people, especially since they can commercialize it one way or the other.

What Does a Metaverse Hairstylist Do All Day? 

One could say it’s the same thing a real-life hairstylist would do: give your avatar an amazing look.

#2 Metaverse Stripping

Rumors of metaverse strippers making thousands in a single night have already swept through social media like wildfire. And at this point, metaverses are mainly used for entertainment purposes. So, it makes sense why meta-stripping is a popular topic! 

If you were wondering how to become a stripper in the metaverse, well today’s your lucky day. There are multiple strip clubs currently in the metaverse, such as Club Ruby, a virtual reality strip club accessed through the popular VRChat app on a Meta Quest headset. 

Avatars can actually get naked and do things we won’t mention in metaverses. As we all know, anything that gives people the opportunity to explore their desires tends to be widely pursued.  Meta strippers/dancers get to do all that and more.

The idea of virtual erotic role-play isn’t new. Virtual erotic role-play has flourished in MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) for many years. 

Stripping in the metaverse gives people more ways to interact with and experience the metaverse. It could also potentially become a way to make good money. So if you decide to be a meta stripper you may actually become really successful at it. With that in mind, it isn’t hard to understand why people will likely explore strippers in the metaverse.

What does a meta stripper do all day? 

Meta strippers work much like real strippers, offering exotic dances and body movements to charm those who come to the strip clubs.

How Do I Become A Metaverse Stripper? 

Strippers in the metaverse are usually found in metaverse strip clubs, but at this point most people are doing it for the love of the atmosphere rather than money. Currently, it is still complicated to “make it rain”, as the saying goes, in the metaverse. Receiving payment for crypto jobs like this will take some ingenuity. 

#3 Avatar Influencer

Avatar influencing is not entirely a new marketing concept per se, but it is new to the virtual world where humans are substituted with avatars. Previously, we witnessed people leveraging social media like Instagram for the purpose of influencer marketing. 

Currently, there are already a couple of them getting likes and catching the eyes of brands. In fact, whether the avatars are modeled after real influencers or not, they equally play the role of brand influencers, with the advantage of being always available at and in multiple locations at the same time. 

Examples Of Avatar Influencers

Renner (LREN3) and Magalu (MGLU3) are some prominent retailers that have also been working with these virtual influencers. Similarly, Hugo Boss announced that two virtual influencers, Imma and Nobody Sausage, will be part of their Spring/Summer 2022 campaigns, #HowDoYouHUGO and #BeYourOwnBoss.

Avatar influencers in the metaverse will be a great link for brands to connect with young consumers. After all, the worlds in the metaverse are mostly populated by young people.

What Does an Avatar Influencer Do All day?

Avatar Influencers are similar to real-life influencers and do virtually the same thing. In the metaverse, Avatar Influencers build a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. They are able to connect much more with audiences and gather huge followings.

Since avatars will be controlled by the person behind them, they can move from place to place and interact in spaces entirely different from social media as it is today to communicate with followers.

#4 Metaverse Real Estate Agent

What is more normal than buying land that you cannot touch, even though its value could fluctuate? It seems many people are shifting from owning physical land to owning digital land. Talk about love for potential. 

For instance, Snoop Dogg staked out a home for himself in The Sandbox, and Paris Hilton has an island in Roblox. 

Ownership of digital properties is contractual, just like physical property. However, unlike owning a physical plot of land or property, collectors in the metaverse are able to make claims to virtual assets that are often represented as NFTs.  Encrypted in this NFT is a digital ledger containing an ownership ID or proof of ownership of the digital land parcel, much like a physical deed would.

Remembering that metaverse real estate sales reached $500 million in 2021, it is safe to say we might need metaverse real estate agents who have the expertise and knowledge to guide potential buyers. Perhaps one day, metaverse real estate agents will exist and will have some form of license to do what they do. 

What Does a Metaverse Real Estate Agent Do All day?

A real estate agent in a metaverse world basically arranges digital estate transactions, putting buyers and sellers together and acting as their representatives in negotiations.

#5 Metaverse Interior Designer

Buying a digital property in a metaverse world is one thing, but designing it to look like the dream home you want is another. That’s where Interior Designers find their own purpose.

These professionals will be tasked with designing a metaverse home in a way that seems welcoming to your avatar, and even others you may have over. Because of the peculiarities of the digital world, these professionals may even decide to create interior design templates that everyone can just copy and paste onto their homes. 

Since metaverse interiors don’t require physical materials, it will be very easy for owners to switch through multiple interior design templates to choose which ones fit their aesthetics the most. For example, if a potential customer wants a digital chair molded from blue plastic instead of mahogany, they can just toggle through the digital template and make that change in seconds. 

What Does a Metaverse Interior Designer Do All day?

The job of a metaverse interior designer is to make design templates that avatars can use to design their own homes. Of course, sometimes they could have custom orders from more wealthy avatars in the metaverse.  

#6 Metaverse Event Planner

At its core, a metaverse world is an event center. Essentially, it is somewhere that stuff happens. But here’s the thing; stuff cannot just spontaneously happen. It is easy to create viral moments or tweets in Web 2.0 today. However, in a working metaverse, people will experience the moment and not just see it.  That is why the job of the Metaverse event planner is so important.

What Does A Metaverse Event Planner Do All Day?

A metaverse event planner needs to be someone with extensive knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the social dynamics of the metaverse they are in. They need to have a keen understanding of what people want to experience and how they want to experience it. 

These event planners work with legacy brands and institutions to create events that digital avatars want to attend. The planners have to be industry experts who can feel the pulse of the metaworld and use that feeling to create a broad range of events in which people wish to participate.

#7 Metaverse Tour Guide

The metaverse is insanely large and is really unrestricted in terms of time and space. The size and variety of the metaverse also means people would need tour guides to take them through its different manifestations.

What Does A Metaverse Tour Guide Do All Day?

Their jobs would basically be to take people on a tour of the particular metaverse they are working in. Asides from that, they will also explain digital art and related lore to guests who visit their world. Of course, they can only do that if they have extensive knowledge about that world, its lore, and the art present there.

 How Do I Start My Career In The Metaverse?

Like jobs in the real world, metaverse jobs also require some level of expertise. Here are some of the steps you can take to land one of these exciting jobs. 

  • First, you need to have the right knowledge. If you want to be an event planner working on the digital transformation of a metaverse world, for example, you need to actually know how to do it. 
  • Secondly, you need to build your brand in the metaverse world you want to work in. Metaverse jobs won’t just drop in your lap. You need to actually go out of your way to make your brand visible. It does not matter if the world you choose is in the blockchain space or somewhere else. You still need to increase your visibility. 
  • Lastly, you need to make content around your job. This includes building followers and allowing them to explore the world of the metaverse through you. 

Final Thoughts

While the metaverse is still in its infancy, it presents a lot of opportunities beyond the virtual world. Entertainment, for one, has garnered attention in the metaverse since late 2021. It is quite exciting to imagine what the future could bring if the metaverse sphere completely realizes its potential. However, the uncertainties in the world of crypto right now mean we can’t really say for sure what path the future of metaverses will take.