$ADA Listed on Swiss Crypto Exchange

$ADA  Listed on Swiss Crypto Exchange
$ADA Listed on Swiss Crypto Exchange 2

Lykke Wallet cryptocurrency exchange listed Cardano’s native token ADA. Exchange claimed that this is a new milestone for Cardano and the exchange.

The Cardano project is very serious with its development, security & legality of the projects. Many times, Charles Hoskinson, creator of Cardano, said that those crypto assets will sustain their existence in the future, which will comply with the regulatory guidelines. Indirectly Charles criticized Bitcoin. After the recent Cardano summit 2021, Cardano team revealed many partnerships & collaborations with other crypto firms to bring revolution in the Cardano ecosystem based development.

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Lykke Corp is a Swiss based blockchain firm. This firm also owns wallet & integrated crypto exchange. Lykke Wallet needed small & simple KYC process to access the services of crypto buy & sell. 

On 28 September,  Lykke Corp announced on the twitter that they listed Cardano ( ADA) token on Lykke wallet crypto exchange. 

Through the press release, Lykke Corp explained that Lykke crypto wallet & exchange is commission free crypto exchange. So users can buy sell crypto assets without any fee & charges. 

Listing of Cardano (ADA) token is available on Lykke in multi pairs like ADA / BTC; ADA / CHF; ADA / ETH; ADA / EUR; ADA / GBP and ADA / USD.

The CEO of Lykke, Richard Olsen, stated on thus listing of Cardano and said 

“The ADA listing is a major milestone for our community that now can trade ADA for free. We are inspired by Cardano’s commitment to scientific rigor and excellence. The listing sets the foundation for a deeper partnership that can serve the bigger community to unlock the full potential of blockchain and smart contracts to democratize finance.“

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