Alphr to Launch Permissionless Automated Mirror Trading in DeFi

Alphr to Launch Permissionless Automated Mirror Trading in DeFi

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This week, Alphr, a crypto DeFi project will achieve its second major milestone, launching version two of their copy trading platform with Automated Mirror Trading (AMT). The Alphr token is listed on exchanges Uniswap and

Automated Mirror Trading

Alphr is a decentralized automated trading platform that lets you automatically copy the trades of the best performing wallets in crypto. Copy trading is no new technology and is the method of trading when one person imitates the trades of an advanced or respected trader with the intention of getting an easy edge above his or her own current trading abilities.

Benefits of copy trading for investors include hands-free investing with limited time imposition, trading insights from top performers, and saving trading fees with pooled funds operating together in each copy trade.

Alphr has scraped every transaction since the first Ethereum block to find the most successful and reliable traders by analyzing their trades since the inception of their wallet. Alphr has identified reliable wallets based on multiple statistical analyses and designed investment pools (AMT pools) that allow instantaneous copy trading of these top wallets.

Etoro is the most well-known social trading and multi-asset brokerage company that first launched copy trading with stocks. They currently have more than 20 million users from over 140 countries using capabilities on their platform. Etoro is different from Alphr in as users must sign up to be copy traded on Etoro which includes a more rigorous onboarding process comparative to DeFi solutions.

In contrast, Alphr is fully decentralized, has no onboarding requirements, and sources all the best wallets in crypto in a permissionless fashion. Blockchain and Dexes have enabled Alphr to exist because all the trades occur in a closed-loop ecosystem. Never before has anyone been able to identify the best traders in the world, but with free access to on-chain data, Alphr has. With the invention of the DEX, the future of copy trading is undoubtedly focused around transparent trading on-chain with capital flowing behind the best performers.

At the moment the alpha traders of crypto are making incredible gains. Alphr helps the common crypto trader share in these gains by opening opportunities to follow the same trades as the best in the game. Alphr does this all while continuing to stand by Defi’s fundamental values of anonymity, decentralization, low barriers of entry, trustlessness, and censorship resistance.


About Alphr

Alphr is a decentralized automated trading platform that lets you automatically copy trade the best performing wallets in crypto. Alphr’s automated mirror pools have been built based on analyzing the entire history of Ethereum and statistically identifying the most reliable, high-yielding, and consistent traders. At Alphr, users can choose to automatically mirror these top performers by depositing into Alphr’s automated mirror pools. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter at @alphrfinance.