AMC Theaters launches customers to purchase gift cards via Dogecoin 6

AMC theaters finally implemented the DogeCoin as a payment option in their services to bring adoption of crypto to the next level. 

The biggest theater network “AMC Theaters” started to accept crypto payments for their services. On 6 October, Adam Aron tweeted about the start of this service. 

Adam tweeted “Huge good needs for DogeCoin users Because they started to accept crypto payments”. 

It is worth to note that AMC Theater will not only accept DogeCoin but also they will accept other flagship crypto assets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash & Ethereum. Here Aron is giving publicity for Dogecoin only because he is much influenced by the DogeCoin community.

As per tweet, a user can’t buy direct tickets with the crypto assets but users need to buy a gift card at first and then they can use that gift card for the movie tickets, which will also allow concession.

DogeCoin adoption in AMC Theaters

AMC theater, was planning for a long time to bring the crypto payments option in their services but they were not sure about that but in the last month they finally announced that they made definite plans to bring the crypto payments. But here the crypto payment is not clearly and convenient for people because they people needed to pay in gift cards instead of crypto payment directly.

Recently, Aron tweeted to take suggestions from the community whether they should accept DogeCoin or not. After the end of the poll, around more than 70% of people supported adding DogeCoin in the payment option. 

Since 1.5 year, DogeCoin has been getting high attention from the crypto and non-crypto community because of the Elon Musk tweet about the support for DogeCoin as DogeFather. 

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