America may have Blake Masters as another crypto friendly senator 2

Recent investment exposure filling Blake revealed that Blake Masters owns huge Bitcoin and crypto assets. 

Right now Blake Masters is a top supported candidate in the race of the Republican candidates in Arizona’s 2022. Recently he voiced support for Bitcoin and suggested to the US government to buy some Bitcoins. 

As per rules, every senate and senate candidate is restricted to reveal his assets holding, so recently Blake Masters filed his disclosure of assets holdings.

As per filing disclosure, Blake Masters owns more than $1 million in Bitcoin. Beside the Bitcoin holdings, he owns another flagship crypto assets like Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Zcash and others. 

With crypto assets, he owns physical gold and silver assets. As Masters is Executive of tech so he disclosed his stock holdings as per rules. 

Earlier this, Blake Masters voiced the banning of American lawmakers from trading individual stocks to prevent potential conflicts of interest. And he added 

“It’s either corruption because you’re trading on nonpublic information, or it fuels the appearance of corruption”

Crypto friendly senators

In the past, we didn’t see many Senators to support the digital assets industry. While SEC chair Gary Gensler was a supporter of the crypto before he was appointed for the position of SEC chair but right now his statements on the crypto seems much controversial and showing rude intentions of regulators over the crypto industry.

But there are few Senates, who talked about their friendly nature towards crypto. Recently, Cynthia Lummis disclosed her Bitcoin purchase through the US SEC filing disclosure, where she spent around $50000 to $100,000 for Bitcoin. 

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