Anonymous Reportedly Hacks Russia’s Central Bank, Threatens to Expose 35,000 Secret Documents

Anonymous has hit the Russian Federation again by hacking its central bank and threatening to release thousands of sensitive documents.

Additionally, the group continues to warn global companies that have not withdrawn from Russia to do so, otherwise, they could be hacked next.

Anonymous Exploits Russia’s Central Bank

It’s been precisely a month since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his “special military operation” against its Eastern neighbor, and there’s no clear end in sight. NATO, the EU, and other countries refused to get directly involved in the war, despite condemning Russia’s actions.

Yet, they decided to start imposing various sanctions, mostly financial, against the aggressor, its leaders, and ultimately – its people. Countless global companies, including giants like Apple, Nike, Ikea, Shell, Goldman Sachs, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, etc., stopped servicing Russian-based customers.

Anonymous, the hacker group that’s nearly two decades old, also joined the fight against Russia. Initially, they breached over 30 Russian targets and collected over RUB 1 billion. Later on, the group offered Russian soldiers $52,000 worth of bitcoin to everyone who surrendered a tank.

Earlier on March 24, the group said on its Twitter page that it had exploited Russia’s central bank and threatened to release 35,000 files with “secret agreements” in the next two days.

Anonymous Against Foreign Companies

Although the number of companies leaving Russia continues to grow, there’re still quite a few that have refused to do so. As such, the hacker group has issued several warnings against those firms, publishing their logos, claiming that their time “is running out.”

Anonymous said they should feel “sorry for the innocent people who are being massacred violently in Ukraine” and urged them to halt their operations on Russian soil.

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