Ardadex Announces Plan For a Public Launch to Smoothly Drive The NFT Marketplace

Ardadex Announces Plan For a Public Launch to Smoothly Drive The NFT Marketplace

Ardadex, a decentralized finance platform that provides both AMM and NFT Marketplace on the cardano blockchain network has announced plans for its public launch in a recent press release.

The launch will see Ardadex providing a user-friendly platform set to enhance the NFT marketplace in a way that Digital Creators, Musicians, artists, and online creators can easily Mint digital commodities and trade them as NonFungible Tokens for physically redeemable goods.

Ardadex to Exclusively Serve Users After Public Launch

With the exclusive features the platform is set to adopt, users are promised an amazing experience with the NFT marketplace which features a new paradigm of creation and exchange to users, as noted by the platform via the announcement.

The statement reads;

“Instead of matching the buy and sell sides in a normal centralized exchange environment, Automated Market Makers (AMMs) employ a peer-to-pool technique to compute asset price algorithmically using a conservation function.”

Following the public launch, the platform will provide a Strong ecosystem background for users which will give them early access to exclusive NFT drops with the opportunity to redistribute every buy, sell and transfer of $Ardan token.

Moreso, users of the platform can become liquidity providers on the Cardano Blockchain using AMM protocol and earn passive income while they can as well trade and transfer to a different address in a single transaction.

The announcement further unveiled that an on-chain referral program has been implemented to incentivize users to invite friends to join the farming. This will serve as an avenue to increase wealth as the inviters will earn 10% of their friends’ token purchases.

The presale stage of the network’s token is currently ongoing at a price of 0.001 ADA for one token. Meanwhile, the public sale will see one token sold for 0.003 ADA.

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