Ardadex Announces The Launch Of Its DeFi Protocol And Native ‘ARDAN’ Token

Ardadex Announces The Launch Of Its DeFi Protocol And Native ‘ARDAN’ Token
Ardadex Announces The Launch Of Its DeFi Protocol And Native 'ARDAN' Token

Ardadex finance, the first defi platform that provides both AMM and NFT Marketplace on the Cardano blockchain network, has announced the launch of the Defi protocol Ardadex. Additionally, the team behind Ardadex finance has launched the native token for the Ardadex protocol dubbed ARDAN token.

Notably, Ardadex finance has announced through a press release that it has prepared to list its native token ARDAN on major crypto analytics firms including CoinGecko and Binance-backed Coinmarketcap. As time goes by, the Ardadex team has promised that it intends to have the native token listed on top crypto exchanges in the world.

The official launch of the DeFi platform Ardadex and its native token comes at a time when the Cardano ecosystem is experiencing a notable global adoption. Recently, the Cardano ecosystem launched the smart contract capabilities. With the Smart Contract enabled on the Cardano ecosystem, developers can now expect cheaper and scalable services compared to its largest rival Ethereum.

Notably, the ARDAN has several use cases that will see to its future growth prospects. According to the firm through the press release, ARDAN token holders will be granted early access to exclusive NFT drops.

Additionally, the ARDAN token holders can become liquidity providers using the AMM protocol. As a result,  ARDAN token holders get a chance to earn a passive income whilst their token appreciates with time. Worth noting, the ARDAN token can be used for payment of transaction fees and at the same time used as a currency between two different parties.

Ardadex customers now have a chance to acquire the native token at discounted prices. “Upon the completion of our TGE stage, we would be proceeding to list our token on various exchange platforms, where investors can trade and exchange freely, but at a higher price,” the firm noted in the press release.

There are a total of 1 billion ARDAN tokens. Out of which, 25% has been reserved for presale purposes. Another 25% of the total supply has been reserved for public sale. 8% will be used for partnership advisers, 12 % of the total supply allocated to the liquidity supply. 5% has been allocated to the team, 10% for development, and 15% for the ecosystem fund.

Notably, the 5% allocated to the team will be locked for 2 years and while all the other token holders get unlocked after TGE. Interested ARDAN buyers can expect to pay for approximately 0.005 ADA during the public sale.