Arker To Introduce Its Crypto Rewarding Game With PvP Systems

Arker Network announced that they are introducing the first earn-to-play RPG game for gamers.

As per the announcement, Arker will soon launch a rewarding crypto game called Arker: The legend of QHM. Arker: The legend of QHM is a non-fungible (NFT) game that allows regular users to earn crypto and trade them for real money. When launched, Arker allows gamers to play the role of a hero who is accompanied by his pet set to regain control of the kingdom of Qhm.

Arker is inspired by the mythical games of Korea fast-play, offering players great rewards. Notably, the game will allow players the opportunity to join others ‘The Clan’ to form a team geared towards fighting enemies along the way. Skills, characters, runes, equipment, pets, and the great PVP / PVE content will make players stay in Ohm unforgettable. 

Players can win rewards by fighting against other players to earn FoA tokens. Players can also reward PVE, competing in a ten-person game (the guild war), holding special events, and performing other daily missions. 

As it is, the battle modes available on the platform include Showdown and PvP. In the showdown, players fight their character clones to gain experience. On the other hand, the PvP battle mode allows players to buy FoA and fight other ticket holders. The winner in this instance will earn gold, FoA token, and experiences. The loser will also reward gold but not FoA tokens. 

Arker vision is to “establish a new economy-gaming-RPG ecosystem so that anyone in the world can benefit from economic rewards for playing our game. Sharing, collaborating, and having fun are our goals!”

Arker is planning to revolutionize the crypto gaming industry by adding content for professional gamers. The platform will allow players the option of selling their NFTs for profit. Players also can accumulate NFT’s until they yield crypto rewards from the game while still having their assets. 

The platform has a dual token system for its ecosystem. The first token is the ARKER token which will primarily be used for governance. There is a total supply of 200 million ARKER allowing holders to vote for game development and designs.

The second token system is the Fragments of Arker (FoA), created for the gaming network. These tokens will help run in-game activities like rewarding players, selling and buying NFTs, and purchasing skins and other tools within the game. Currently, the total supply of FoA stands at 540 million. However, Arker plans to burn 15% of every in-game transaction value to help increase its deflationary nature.

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