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Axie Infinity, a popular play-to-earn non fungible token (NFT) game, announced the release of the Axie Infinity Version 1.1.0a Update this October 15. The update includes improvements to the game’s performance and the return of the feature that allows challenging your in-game friends.

Upgraded Breeding Methods and  Friendly Duels

Moreover, regarding the notice Axie Infinity posted last October 6, the changes on the upgraded breeding methods and Axie level reset will now take effect. In this update, “Axies will now reset to level one anytime they change owners,” meaning just the act of giving the Axie will automatically reset its level.

Further, as mentioned, friendly duels are now back within the game.

“You can now challenge a trainer on your friends list to a friendly duel,” the developers stated.

800 MMR Update

However, as good news flooded here comes a saddening news for some of the players as this new update will now restrict accounts under 800 MMR, which means they will no longer receive Smooth Love Potion and Small Love Potions (SLP) from adventure, arena, or the daily quest. 

The last version allows all players, regardless of their MMR, to collect a guaranteed 75 SLP per day; 50 SLP from adventure and 25 SLP from the daily quest as long as they finish them.

Following the changes, match history will temporarily not be saved on the game’s servers and can only be accessed from the device where players played the match. 

Ronin Block Explorer Update

Lastly, there is also a small update to the Ronin Block Explorer for how some addresses are displayed. 

Priorly, last Tuesday October 12, Axie Infinity, released their monthly game updates for October which progress details on the upcoming Battles V2, The Ronin Dex, Land, and the overall growth of the game. (Read more on:  Axie Infinity Reaches 2 Million Players, Releases Oct Dev Updates)

The latest version can be downloaded via Mavis Hub’s “Update” button for desktop users. Android users can access this link; while iOS users must open their Testflight app and refresh the list of apps to see the update.

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