BabyDoge Holders Surpasses The Number Of Total SHIB Holders

Since the last quarter of 2021, the growth in adoption and popularity of meme currencies have set a new high level. Moreover, one of the best performing meme tokens last year was SHIB which has gained massive holders. To defeat that achievement, another meme token has taken a parade in the market towards gaining more holders.

As per recent data shared by WhaleStats blockchain analytics platform, BabyDoge is prevailing in terms of the number of holders than SHIB holders. Despite the fact that SHIB has larger market capitalization, better trading volume, and wider acceptance, BabyDoge dominates holders of SHIB.

Currently, BabyDoge holders are surging over 1,225,000 which has set a new record while BabyDoge’s price also soars. On the other hand, the total number of SHIB holders is 1,140,151 which is quite less compared to BabyDoge holders. At the time of writing, BabyDoge was trading at $0.000000005434 and surged up to 20.04% within the last 24-hours. Significantly, whales on the BSC are now holding BabyDoge for the worth of $4,668,265 at the current price.

DOGE Rises Parallely

Following the tweet that Tesla accepts Dogecoin, the holders of DOGE at the moment are rising. The total holders are 460,007 while Tesla started selling some of its products on the online Tesla Shop exclusively for Dogecoin earlier this week. This tweet helped in DOGE’s price action of soaring 20% within a few hours after the post.

Currently, DOGE is trading at the price of $0.188 being the most popular meme currency in the crypto industry. The top 1,000 BSC now control 326,785,975 DOGE which value to $62,501,117. Yet, the coin has now lost the gains which were made via the Tesla announcement.

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