Bakkt Partners Google to Bring Crypto payments through GooglePay 2

Under the new partnership of Bakkt platform, all the Bakkt users will be able to spend their crypto funds through Google Play directly. 

Bakkt is a digital asset marketplace and this platform is trying their best to bring crypto adoption into practical life as much as possible. Around a year ago, this platform Launched crypto Visa debit card to spend the crypto funds easily at every platform, where Visa card or payment gateway is available. 

A recent partnership of the Bakkt crypto firm with Google, now allows all their crypto debit card users to use the fund directly through Google Play directly. 

So it is just a type of conversion of Crypto to GooglePay fund to pay directly where Google Pay is accepted. 

Gavin Michael, CEO of Bakkt, said that this partnership of Bakkt with the Google is going to be a new part of advancement in their payment services for their user and further the added 

“This partnership is a testament to Bakkt’s strong position in the digital asset marketplace, to empower consumers to enjoy their digital assets in a real-time, secure, reliable manner. Additionally, partnering with Google Cloud will enable us to continue to build a best-in-class, innovative platform that can undoubtedly scale to meet the needs of millions of users.”

Here Bakkt is not limited to Google’s Google Play services but also Bakkt preferred to use the Google Cloud and it’s Artificial Intelligent tool. With the use of the AI and other technical tools of Google, Bakkt will try to understand the behaviour patterns so that they can change their services and programs according to users’ needs.

Before this, Bakkt partnered with the Quiznos in August to allow the US customers to use Bitcoin Payments at selected stores of Quiznos. 

And also Bakkt partnered with Starbucks to allow Bakkt users to pay for the Starbucks products with easy crypto on the app. 

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