Bakkt will offer Ethereum support soon 2

Digital assets manager firm announced that it will offer Ethereum support for its partners and clients.

Bakkt is a digital asset firm and also a New York Stock Exchange-listed company since mid of October of this year. This Company bought VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings to achieve some better purpose work before going public. Well now, this company is a publicly-traded company and the company is working on expanding its services to bring a huge user base and better user experience. 

On Friday, Bakkt announced that it will support Ethereum offerings. Soon all the customers and Partners of the Bakkt platform will be able to buy, sell and trade Ethereum alongside Bitcoin. 

The new announcement of Bakkt is part of its recent partnership with the Google company to bring millions of crypto inclined users to their platform and also to provide huge crypto services to their customers so that their customers can achieve a better ecosystem of crypto space. 

Now, the latest offering of the Bakkt platform will allow institutional clients to accept Ether and use the custody service for the same. However, this facility was available for bitcoin only but now Ethereum is a new option. 

Gavin Michael, CEO of Bakkt stated on Friday: 

“Bakkt users have already enjoyed the app’s capabilities to leverage bitcoin and we are confident that our addition of Ethereum will be a complement to our growing ecosystem of partners and assets,”

Bakkt partnership with Google 

Bakkt is much aware of providing a better ecosystem to its users. On 8 October, Bakkt established a partnership with Google to allow Bakkt cards users to spend their crypto card assets directly with the use of Google Pay i.e Users can add Bakkt debit Card in Google pay directly and they don’t need to fill in the details separately.

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