NFTs have become a contemporary sensation in the market with their compelling use case. Non-Fungible Tokens have turned out to provide very diverse applications in different industries. The development of NFTs has been settled as one of the top-grossing avenues for artists, creatives, and developers, which has led to the inception of hundreds of thousands of NFT projects. Every significant project comes up with a particular inspiration, where it targets a concern within the real world.

Basement Dwellers come with a similar mission, an inspiration that has driven the project into providing the community artwork inspired by them, representing them. For the greater good of the community, Basement Dwellers has seen how NFTs have been benefitting the market and how important it has become to focus on producing identity-driven artwork.

NFT Art Adopting Meme-ification of NFTs

The most widely known NFTs date back to 2017 and in just 4 short years, non-fungible tokens have revolutionized how people interact with art and artists. While sometimes derided as merely “jpegs”, its been an entire movement in internet culture that has allowed these digital assets to thrive.

Between traditional art (think Art Blocks) and pixelated designs (like with CryptoPunks), the variety is endless. Coming soon, we have Basement Dwellers emerging as a representation of the individuals behind meme culture. 

Basement Dwellers is not just inspired by memes but has also asserted its focus across the gaming stereotypes. Gaming has been one of the most underrated industries with a massive fanbase as well as its fair share of haters for its controversial lifestyle. One of the biggest concerns related to gaming is the fact that most gamers waste too much money and time sitting in front of their computers. Basement Dwellers aims to celebrate these individuals who are simply being their truest selves and, hopefully, can benefit from holding a Basement Dweller NFT.

Plus, with the explosive interest in NFTs recently, it seems the market is ready to welcome the Basement Dwellers.

How Basement Dwellers Look Forth to Make a Market Impact

Meme culture has provided more revenue to people than any other cultural norm common across the NFT community. Between rare pepes, nyan cats, and literal memes like ‘Bad Luck Brian’ which sold for a whopping 20 ETH, it pays to be a part of internet culture.

Within the past two weeks, the Basement Dwellers project has emerged to celebrate the internet citizen, meme expert, and gaming enthusiast. And in just two weeks, their Discord server has exploded to over 27,000 members.

At launch, Basement Dwellers plans to put up 10,000 randomly generated NFTs for sale, built across 200+ unique character traits. The mint price for each would be 0.069 ETH and will be immediately tradable on OpenSea afterward. 

As a way to further celebrate gaming culture and the individuals behind it, while rewarding holders, Basement Dwellers is utilizing sales proceeds to give away high-end custom gaming PCs and the latest gaming consoles to loyal holders.

Breaking away from their meme and gaming mindset, the Basement Dwellers team also plans to donate $40,000 towards charities supporting children in need.

The Team Behind the NFT Inspiration

The team at Basement Dwellers observed the potential of the NFT market and the huge bull run it has been witnessing, where NFT sales on OpenSea have eclipsed $100 million in daily trading volume. The Basement Dwellers team is distributed across the USA, Korea, and Australia, which is a further representation of the decentralized world we all now live in.

From designers to developers and crypto enthusiasts who are professional Twitch streamers and competitive e-gamers, Basement Dwellers has a team that’s fully prepared to deliver on its roadmap and drive value for holders. Some of their accolades include:

  • The Co-Founders of the project, Nomanz and Skizzo, have a background as competitive gamers and Twitch streamers. In his professional career, Nomanz works in software sales and Internet marketing, where he has consistently exceeded his $800,000 annual quotas.
  • The designer of Basement Dwellers, Leya, contributed to the artwork behind the incredibly popular Cryptodads project, which currently holds a floor price of 1.37 ETH and has had more than 8,400 ETH in trading volume.
  • The project’s Launch Strategist, Mempool, was the development team leader at Project URS. Project URS recently had a record-breaking public sale raffle with more than $33 million in buyer deposits.

With such a promising and competent team, Basement Dwellers looks forward to it’s mid-October launch.

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