Best IDO Launchpads for Crypto Projects to Watch Out for in 2021

Best IDO Launchpads for Crypto Projects to Watch Out for in 2021
Best IDO Launchpads for Crypto Projects to Watch Out for in 2021

IDOs (initial DEX offerings) are the next big thing in the crypto world, especially with respect to decentralized finance, and they’re offered to early investors in the same manner as ICOs (initial coin offerings).

Specifically, IDOs are a new fundraising method used by DEXs (decentralized exchanges), and they signal a radical shift in how crowd sale patterns tend to provide greater liquidity for crypto assets while also facilitating faster, more open, and fair trading.

According to industry experts, ICOs, which are otherwise known as token public sales, have evolved in the past four years with the emergence of DEXs, giving rise to the IDO model, which has now become a viable means of funding crypto projects.

However, in order for a crypto project to launch an IDO successfully, it must do so on a trustless decentralized launchpad like

Of course, there are other factors to consider when determining the reliability of a launchpad: the host blockchain on which the launchpad platform is built, scalability, and the consensus mechanism employed are only a few of them.

Here we’ll highlight some of the best launchpads or fundraising platforms for IDOs to watch out for in 2021. Based on the Cardano blockchain system, Kick is a fundraising platform for IDOs that is designed in such a way that it can leverage DeFi innovations to provide a secured, transparent, efficient, and fully decentralised crowdfunding service.

While Kick launchpad employs a structure that is similar to the conventional centralized IEO (initial exchange offering), the major difference lies in the fact that both the entrepreneur and the investors conduct their transactions through a decentralized third-party platform. In comparison, IEOs are run by a centralized authority.

In addition, the Kick platform doubles as an accelerator for crypto projects who are looking to scale, as the platform taps into Cardano’s specially designed proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism known as Ouroboros.

Unlike the majority of its competitors, Kick offers full support of Cardano native tokens and a suite of advanced DeFi tools that are required for upcoming projects to thrive and succeed within the crypto ecosystem.

Notably, beyond being a launchpad for potential IDOs, Kick offers individual investors unlimited access to what it describes as “Tokenomics,” which is a blend for the token economy. Here, users can take advantage of a robust distribution of compatible tokens; they can lock up their token for a period of 6 months and subsequently get 10% of the amount over a vesting period of 10 months.


OccamFi: Positioned as Cardano’s Smart DeFi layer, OccamFi introduces a suite of DeFi solutions that are tailored for the Cardano ecosystem. Among other things, the platform is designed to deliver top-notch launchpad capabilities, DEX tools, and a wealthy liquidity pool.

Being one of the earliest to be hosted on the Cardano blockchain, OccamFi prides itself as the next-generation DeFi ecosystem, and primarily focuses on its launchpad known as OccamRazer, and a decentralized trading platform it called Mobius Finance.

The OccamRazer launchpad is one of the most sought-after in the Cardano ecosystem, having successfully launched and completed at least six IDOs, with a long list of forthcoming IDOs.

As a pioneer member of the Cardano network, OccanFi has become a go-to for most projects embarking on an IDO journey. More so, because Cardano is still a relatively new blockchain, OccamFi has successfully established itself as a pacesetter in this regard.


Cardstarter: This is another first-of-its-kind launchpad platform built on the Cardano blockchain. Dubbed as the “first insured project accelerator for Cardano,” Cardstarter is a decentralized network that functions both as an accelerator and a launchpad, connecting early-stage Cardano innovators to its network of donors.

Cardstarter, being an insured project accelerator for the Cardano ecosystem, implies that IDO participants are not only secured from potential cyber-attacks but are also insured against unforeseen circumstances that may result in any financial loss that may be associated with DeFi exploit as well as vaporware.

The platform, like most of its peers, also provides its users with access to a suite of DeFi toolsets including a swapping platform, auto-lock liquidity, and token vouchers among others.

Currently, Cardstarter native currency, the $CARDS token, is the number one launchpad by current ROI. The platform requires users to stake $CARDS tokens as the only gateway to participate in IDOs, as well as other activities including swapping, lottery, and liquidity pooling and so on.

Participating in Cardstarter’s activities, on the other hand, comes at a high price. Participating in  Cardstarter IDOs, for example, requires at least 100 $CARDS tokens, with a single $CARDS token now costing roughly $18. In comparison, a platform like Kick offers a very low barrier to entry.


Vent Finance: Based on the Cardano blockchain, Vent Finance is an all-in-one community launchpad. Unlike the majority of launchpads, which are mostly transaction-based, Vent is community-based, and so takes delight in inventing technology that creates new opportunities and makes DeFi available to everyone.

Specifically, the platform’s “VentUp” feature is dedicated to IDOs and it is designed to be self-wheeled, allowing participants to interact with high-potential projects as well as invest in them.

Another interesting aspect of Vent is its interoperability with both Cardano and Polygon projects, implying that participants can interact with projects across multiple chains leveraging the Vent Protocol.

By staking Vent native asset, $VENT token, participants can earn points that make them eligible to participate in future token sales. Not only that, but they can also earn rewards from community engagement and other fun activities.

Similar to Cardstarter, Vent also offers insurance coverage that shields participants against any potential risks such as hacks and rug pulls from projects they are invested in.

Ultimately, in selecting a launchpad to invest in, it is important to take advantage of one that allows you to play your role as an investor seamlessly. It goes without saying that the platform must offer an easy-to-navigate user interface with a low barrier to entry as in the case of Kick, which comes in at the top of this list.


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