This big billionaire is now moving toward crypto Investment to grab huge profit and for this they are moving their steps from stocks.

After long dump and small back support of the industry amid China’s crackdown on crypto, the final pump is in an active stage with big green signs and better opportunities to make money. This situation is fully better and positive for the non-crypto people to get attracted towards crypto Investment. But there are many big famous billionaires, which have negative and positive stances on crypto. Recently the founder of Citadel LLC firm criticized the use of crypto, while they want to go through crypto based exposure for their clients. And in the latest, this is George Soros.

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George Soros is a billionaire and popularly known for his donation to Democratic Party and promotion of liberal ideas, as per Bloomberg report. 

Dawn Fitzpatrick, the CIO of Soros Fund that manages the personal capital of billionaire George Soros. 

This fund has some coins ( obviously crypto assets) and they are willing to invest in the DeFi industry. 

Soros fund manager claimed that they started to make profit after the market crash in 2020, because of the pandemic. But still they are willing to invest in those cheap stocks, which can be easily recovered and can give better profit.

Right now, Soros fund is moving toward technology based Investment and they are trying to get out of the Investment of Chinese economy. 

Earlier this, Soros himself claimed that Chinese authorities are not giving a favourable situation for the people to invest in the Chinese economy and also people are not feeling safe. That is why Fitzpatrick said that they would like technology and solutions that decentralized technologies based Investment to bring to the table rather than cryptocurrencies themselves.

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