Billionaire Orlando Bravo Plans to Invest in Blockchain Tech firms 6

Orlando Bravo shared his stances on crypto and claimed that their company is planning to invest in crypto companies.

Amid the increasing adoption of crypto and blockchain by the people as a better option to grab profit, many big billionaires are planning to get into crypto with high potential, like Investment in Crypto platforms and new startups based on blockchain services. 

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Orlando Bravo,  Thoma Bravo Co-founder, recently did an interview with Bloomberg. In the interview, Bravo appreciated the futuristic technology of blockchain. 

On Thursday, speaking in the Bloomberg Invest Global virtual conference, Bravo questioned whether their firm will be an investor in the crypto industry. Then Bravo said that their firm is already a crypto investor. Bravo Invested in the growth equity round of FTX. And further claimed that their company will be an investor in crypto for the long term.

“We will be big players on the buyout side as this industry matures– especially around blockchain technology.”

According to Bravo, Blockchain technology has the potential and ability, which are currently not available in traditional systems. So he believes the future technology will rely more on the blockchain than on the traditional financial system. 

The company of Bravo believes that Blockchain is the solution to many existing problems and it is an alternative to traditional software.

Thoma Bravo is a private equity fund company and it focuses mainly on technology & software based startups & firms. 

Bravo is fully bullish on crypto and blockchain. Here it is worth noting that Bravo company was a popular company around 22 years ago. And now they are aiming to get to the same level. Bravo also believes that the crypto industry will mature in the next 2 to 5 years. 

Earlier this, Bravo appeared in the Delivering Alpha conference held by CNBC last Wednesday and stated that crypto is here to stay. 

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