Binamon (BMON): Price Updates, Recent Developments, Future Events, Community

  • Binamon (BMON) is a blockchain metaverse of digital monsters.
  • It was created to enhance the user experience by allowing them to have fun while learning and earning.
  • Players can earn income in six ways, including collecting, trading, farming, staking and playing.
  • The native Binamon token (BMON) started trading on major crypto exchanges in June 2021.

Binamon (BMON) is a rapidly expanding blockchain multiverse of digital monsters created to allow users to have fun while learning and earning income. Players can trade various NFTs including Monster NFTs, Energy NFTs, and Binamon Crypton NFTs.

As of this writing, Binamon had more than 47,000 BMON active holders and had created over 280,000 Binamons. Binamon’s NFT P2P marketplaces allow players to trade their tokens with other real BMON players. Players can also form teams to earn rewards by battling epic monsters.

Recent Developments

On September 28, to celebrate its listing on KuCoin, Binamon announced a 1000 $BMON giveaway, to run until October 10, giving 10 Bimoners a chance to win 100 BMON each. 

To enter the competition, all that users need to do is to retweet the announcement post on Twitter, change their profile picture to the one on the post, add “$BMON KuCoin listing” to their name, and comment with #BMON and #Binamon100Days.

The platform also launched a TikTok #BinaDance challenge that would give players a chance to win a Binamon play-to-earn family scholarship starter pack by dancing to the tune “Binamon to the Moon.” 

KuCoin also announced on September 28 that Binamon will be available to trade against the USDT (BMON/USDT) upon listing. 

Binamon released its first play-to-earn game on August 28 and has since gone on to announce several updates including the scholarship program feature.

Future Events

On October 25, Binamon will release its Android application in a bid to bring in more players to the metaverse. Its aim is to become the number one play-to-earn gaming platform on the market.

The platform plans to expand the metaverse by allowing players to go into adventures and explore new planets like Crypton.

On The Flipside

  • Binamon is new to the market with several glitches to fix. It recently released a list detailing the latest bug fixes. There could still be more bugs.
  • Binamon trading is limited to a few cryptocurrencies on some exchange platforms like KuCoin where traders can only trade BMON against the USDT.

Binamon (BMON) Price Updates

The Binamon (BMON) price continues to trade in a choppy pattern formation, swinging into a net loss of more than 11% over the last 24 hours. Binamon spiked to trade at $0.4780 before plummeting to $0.20 in a space of a few hours on September 29.

The 24-hour price chart of BMON. Source: CoinMarketCap

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