Binance looking to expand its crypto offerings in Indonesia

Binance looking to expand its crypto offerings in Indonesia
Binance looking to expand its crypto offerings in Indonesia 2

Binance Exchange is working hard to expand its crypto operations in Indonesia, in collaboration with the country’s richest family. 

At present, Binance is a popular and top-level crypto exchange, which is serving its crypto offerings in many countries. In other words, we can say that Binance is the leader of the crypto exchanges that are existing in the crypto space. 

Binance right now providing its crypto services in Indonesia but current activities and reports regarding Binance exchange showed that Binance is trying to go at that level, where it can push the crypto services better than the traditional banking system.

According to a report, published by Bloomberg on 10 December, Binance is in talks with the Hartonos, who runs Bank Central Asia (BCA).

BCA is one of the largest leading banks of Indonesia and Hartonos is the richest family in Indonesia. 

The report also claimed that Binance is in talks with PT Telkom Indonesia, a multinational telecom company.

Partnership with both of these two parties, Binance will try to offer crypto services to the unbanked people of Indonesia also.

It is worth noting that, recently  PT Telkom Indonesia announced that they are looking for a better leader for their initiative in the blockchain & Crypto industry. And probably, Binance is taking advantage of this opportunity by doing partnership with this telecom company. However, all these are only part of the report, published by Bloomberg. Binance exchange himself didn’t announce yet about it anything.

Ahmad Reza, senior vice President at PT Telkom Indonesia, said that they are looking to integrate crypto and blockchain services to bring advancement in the operations and reach 270 million people with exchange business (obviously crypto exchange).

It is worth noting that, Binance is already giving its crypto services to the citizens of Indonesia but it is facing some scrutiny issues in some countries. So maybe, Binance exchange is trying to make better position and space in those countries, where Binance’s services are found much better as per guidelines by the regulators.

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