Bitcoin (BTC) Ultra Bullish for October, Will It Hit ATH Soon?

Bitcoin (BTC) Ultra Bullish for October, Will It Hit ATH Soon?
Bitcoin (BTC) Ultra Bullish for October, Will It Hit ATH Soon?

  • Bitcoin (BTC) remains bullish evidently ever since October 2021.
  • All statistics show BTC to follow the same trend throughout October.
  • Analysts predict BTC will hit new ATH within the end of this month.

Owing to the fact, Bitcoin (BTC) constantly manages to be in the headlines ever since the start of the month of October. In addition, not only BTC but indeed the entire crypto industry has been on a good bull trend since the start of October. In spite of all this the first week of BTC saw itself crossing a bench mark of $55K. 

Moreover, all such surges now have made many analysts and firms conclude that BTC will be hitting a new All-Time-High (ATH) within the end of October. 

The Bullish Trend Till Date

We all know that BTC in the first week of the month crossed the $55K mark, giving a new hope for the entire crypto industry. In such terms,  the price of BTC remained fluctuating around the $55K mark, but never falling down to a deep low. 

However, over the past few hours, the price surged upwards like anything remaining completely bullish. A couple of hours back, it hit the highest as of now for the month of about $57,755.75! 

The past 24 hours into consideration shows that BTC has been completely bullish with no signs of falling down. Ever since it reached the mark of $57K, there has so far been absolutely no backing down. 

Moreover, rightnow, at the time of writing the price of BTC stands at about $57,103.48. Also, the overall surge amounts to about 2.97%. 

The Predictions & Analysis

The current trend of BTC has now kept the entire industry in awe. Accordingly, many crypto analysts and financial firms are now on constant analysis upon BTC. 

In spite of this, many analysts term that BTC will remain in the same bullish trend till the end of October. Furthermore, they showcase that the statistics and graphs show absolutely no sign for BTC backing down. 

The financial firm, JP Morgan, predicts that BTC will be surging profusely for the rest of the month.

 In addition, they also point out numerous factors responsible for such a BTC surge like, U.S support on BTC, inflation hedge, increased interests upon investors, El Salvador’s BTC legal tender in action and much more. 

Furthermore, many also predict that the BTC ETF will dramatically rise up the price of BTC, once it gets launched. 

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