Bitcoin (BTC) Wouldn’t Hit $100K in 2022!

Bitcoin (BTC) Wouldn’t Hit $100K in 2022!
Bitcoin (BTC) Wouldn't Hit $100K in 2022!

  • Bitcoin (BTC) plunges down to $49K.
  • The year 2022 will be quite a loop and not bright for BTC. 
  • BTC will hit $100K only by the year 2023.

The most hilarious part of this is that the year 2021 has not yet ended and people have already forecasted 2022 completely for Bitcoin (BTC). This is quite obvious as being the number one crypto in terms of overall market cap value, the BTC always remains the main topic. 

In spite of all this, analysts and predictors have laid out a complete chart for the performance of BTC throughout the year 2022. Besides, they also term that BTC would be quite struggling for the year 2022.

Moreover, many evidently term that BTC would not hit $100K in the year 2022. Also, the surge and overall increase in the year 2021 would for sure won’t repeat for 2022. 

BTC Now, in 2022 and in 2023!

We all know that the entire market is down in spite of the market crash on 4th December. Despite such downfalls, BTC regained a little momentum for the past few hours. At present BTC is trading at $49K with 24hrd market rise by 2.01%.

Besides, taking the last one year, the year 2021 into consideration, in January the price of BTC was surging at $29,374. However, in just a month, BTC touched $50K. Subsequently within the next two months, BTC hit a whopping ATH of 460K. 

Once after the worst market fall, BTC started to slowly merge up. By November, witnessed the current ATH of $67,566.83. 

In spite of all such incredible performance, analysts predict that for the year 2022, BTC would not hit everyone’s expectations of $100K. Instead, BTC would reach $100K only by the ehyar 2023. 

Gareth’s Depiction on BTC 

Accordingly, the Chief Marketing Strategist, Gareth Soloway terms the same that BTC would be hitting the much expected $100K only by the year 2023. In spite of this, Gareth continues that they predicted that BTC would hit a long time high once after it crossed $50K. 

Moreover, as many Gareth terms, he too believed that BTC would reach $100K within 2021 at such a pace. However, with the current statistics and data, it’s evident that BTC would take longer time for $100K.

And so, Gareth terms the probable time would be only in the year 2023, not even in 2022!

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