Bitcoin Bulls Unite: Cathie Wood’s $2.3 Million Forecast Gains Support from Robert Kiyosaki

Bitcoin Bulls Unite: Cathie Wood’s $2.3 Million Forecast Gains Support from Robert Kiyosaki

Famous acclaimed author and investor Robert Kiyosaki has publicly endorsed Cathie Woods’ Ark Invest audacious prediction on Bitcoin, demonstrating a noteworthy agreement of viewpoints toward the potential for the crypto asset to reach unprecedented heights.

This unity is evidence of the increasing number of people in the financial community who are confident that the asset has the potential to be a game-changer with exponential growth potential.

Bitcoin At $2.3 Million Is Not Unreasonable

In a February report titled “Big Ideas 2024,” Ark Invest made an intriguing projection that might have a significant effect on the cryptocurrency market, especially Bitcoin. The research examines multiple scenarios and projects the possible price movements of BTC depending on varying global asset allocation degrees.

Specifically, their analysis suggests that investing more than 19% of the world’s assets, valued at a whopping $250 trillion in BTC, may cause it to soar to an all-time high of $2.3 million. It is worth noting that the firm considers the asset as a trustworthy risk-off asset that is often viewed as a haven during times of market turbulence.

Starting off, Robert Kiyosaki highlighted his confidence in the bold prediction. He said that this is because he believes the firm’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Cathie Wood is incredibly intelligent and her judgment is reliable.

Although he noted that Wood’s forecast could be wrong, the crucial question here is what people in the community believe. However, amidst speculations about whether she could be right or wrong, the most important perspective to consider is how much Bitcoin an individual holds.

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Should Cathie Wood’s projections prove to be correct, Kiyosaki asserts he will regret not acquiring more BTC over time. On the other hand, if she turns out to be wrong, he will be happy not to have owned any.

Even though Wood’s claims might be correct or not, Kiyosaki underscored ignorance within the crypto space, saying that the majority of people will still possess zero BTC. “School is the only place on earth where ‘smart’ people are people who never make mistakes,” he added.

According to the author, those who make mistakes and grow from them are the wealthiest and happiest persons in the real world. So far, Kiyosaki has commended the CEO for possessing the courage to make errors and learn from them, affirming that he also believes BTC will reach $2.3 million in the future.

A Supporter Of BTC

Aside from backing Wood’s viewpoints, the investor is a supporter of the largest cryptocurrency asset. Kiyosaki has been constantly advocating BTC, urging the crypto community to invest in the coin rather than in fiat currencies which usually he labels “fake money.”

The acclaimed author has also made several bullish price targets for BTC this year. He projects that the impending halving event expected to take place in April will cause Bitcoin to spike to $100,000 by September. Additionally, he claims that Bitcoin might peak at the $300,000 threshold before the end of the year.


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