Bitcoin Price Falls in Flash Crash. Investors Back Bitcoin Cash and Presale Crypto Raboo

Bitcoin Price Falls in Flash Crash. Investors Back Bitcoin Cash and Presale Crypto Raboo

There is no doubt that the crypto markets trend upwards, but a flash crash can ruin many investment portfolios. The Bitcoin price saw a $6,000 flash crash, devastating long positions and putting some uncertainty back into markets. Investors are putting their money in more stable investments to combat these unexpected dips. Opportunities like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) — and staking some in Raboo’s first stage presale, where the $0.003 Raboo (RABT) coin will rise 233% during presale and is expected to explode 100x on release — are where smart money is going.

Bitcoin (BTC): Bitcoin Price Tumbles In Flash Crash

It is difficult to speak of Bitcoin in disparaging terms. Still, an unforeseen event sometimes leaves investors disillusioned with Bitcoin’s seemingly bulletproof system. Bitcoin has been on an exciting, steady upcurve since the end of last year and even broke its all-time high to reach above $70k.  

Bitcoin’s value cannot be overstated, and its long-term potential is well known. But many investors got a wake-up call when Bitcoin took a nosedive and lost a sizable chunk of value when profit-taking whales sold enough Bitcoin to mark an almost 10% drop in the Bitcoin price. Those with Bitcoin longs got squeezed out, and leveraged positions got ‘rekt.’ However, the Bitcoin price is seeing an upturn again and heading back north, but investors may seek smoother sailing elsewhere.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Faster Blockchain Races Up Market Cap Ranks

Bitcoin Cash is often dismissed as a stepchild, a poor imitation of Bitcoin itself. However, it is worth remembering everything that Bitcoin can do, Bitcoin Cash can do cheaper and faster. Instead of seeing Bitcoin Cash as a cheap rip-off, many are starting to see Bitcoin Cash as a more efficient way to implement Bitcoin functionality in the real world.

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This has seen Bitcoin Cash climb the market cap charts, where it has recently overtaken both Tron (TRX) and Chainlink (LINK) and boasts a market cap of $13 billion. Investment money flows into Bitcoin Cash as investors realize that the coin is a more stable and user-friendly version of the original. It is worth stating that Bitcoin Cash has outperformed the Bitcoin priceby a factor of three in year-to-date figures.

Raboo (RABT): Presale Madness Brings Investment Hope

When investors go looking for massive gains, they look at presales. History is full of massive profits made from presales (Solana being one of the most lucrative). Now, Meme-Fi AI-token Raboo is bringing another presale opportunity to the market. Astute investors have seen the opportunity Raboo delivers, and the coin is generating significant buzz on the investment circuits.

Raboo is a new meme coin with an AI-powered turbo engine attached. Its impressive narrative, robust tokenomics, and Ethereum-based pedigree make Raboo a token that can emulate the massive results seen by Pepe Coin and Shiba Inu. This is a token to ignore at your peril!


Bitcoin (BTC) is never a bad investment, but it is an ‘invest and forget’ vehicle with extreme long-term benefits when a flash crash can be ignored. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can deliver medium-term results, but investors looking for more immediate results will do well to participate in the Raboo (RABT) presale.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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