Bitwise Eyes Ethereum ETF, Coinbase Preps for Dogecoin Futures, and BlockDAG Captures Attentions with $14.7M in Presale Surge 


The crypto industry is abuzz with Bitwise’s latest move to secure a spot in Ethereum ETF with the SEC, signaling a potential leap forward for Ethereum’s integration into mainstream finance. 

Meanwhile, Coinbase is on the brink of launching Dogecoin futures, hinting at Dogecoin’s growing legitimacy in the market. Amid these developments, BlockDAG (BDAG) has quickly become a focal point in the presale domain by amassing $14.7M, indicating a promising trajectory for the platform.

Bitwise Aims for Spot Ethereum ETF Amid Regulatory Scrutiny

Bitwise has stepped forward with an application for a spot in Ethereum ETF, lodging its proposal with the SEC on March 28th. This filing, devoid of staking references, pits Bitwise against eight other contenders, including industry giants Grayscale and BlackRock, all vying for the SEC’s approval. However, the SEC’s decision-making process is entangled in an ongoing debate over Ethereum’s classification as a security, delaying determinations on similar applications.

Coinbase to Introduce Dogecoin Futures

Coinbase is set to introduce Dogecoin futures, with contracts pegged at 5,000 DOGE each, marking Dogecoin’s transition from a meme-driven novelty to a significant asset in the crypto arena. This move comes as Dogecoin witnesses a 43% uptick in trading volume, despite a minor price retraction. Market analysts, like Ali Martinez, speculate on a looming Dogecoin bull run, propelled by broader market trends and potential integrations with Elon Musk’s X payment network. The increased miner activity within the Dogecoin network further emphasizes the coin’s enduring appeal and the competitive landscape of crypto mining.

BlockDAG’s Presale Success Paves the Way for Future Growth

BlockDAG’s presale has generated significant buzz, quickly raising $1M within the first 24 hours and boasting a $14.7M total, aiming for a $600M target by the end of 2024. At the core of BlockDAG’s appeal is its unmatched transaction speed, combined with a commitment to security and environmental sustainability. The network’s capability to confirm transactions at an unparalleled rate, without sacrificing security through its hybrid mechanism, positions BlockDAG as a leader in the PoW sector.

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Furthermore, BlockDAG’s introduction of the X-series mining rigs underscores its dedication to eco-friendly solutions. Based on the model, these rigs offer an efficient way to earn mining rewards, with potential daily earnings of up to $100. The recent release of BlockDAG’s V2 whitepaper has only bolstered confidence in BDAG’s potential, with analysts projecting a 20,000x ROI and tagging it as a top altcoin pick for 2024.

The Last Say

As Bitwise seeks to bring Ethereum closer to mainstream financial markets through an ETF, and Coinbase anticipates the introduction of Dogecoin futures, the crypto landscape continues to evolve with significant developments. 

BlockDAG’s impressive presale achievement of $12.7M signals strong investor interest in its innovative platform, promising a bright future for BDAG and its holders. These movements underscore the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market, offering new opportunities and promising growth for investors and enthusiasts alike.

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