Bollywood Star Slaman Khan enters In NFTs crypto space 2

Salman Khan announced the launch of his NFTs collectibles sale for his fans. 

In the present time NFTs concept is expanding its boundaries in the movies actor’s businesses. Recently many big celebrities joined NFTs marketplace to sell their collectibles. In the latest, Salman Khan joined this space. 

Salman Khan announced through twitter about their launch of the NFTs collectible sales. He wrote 

“Aa raha hoon main, NFTs leke, Salman Khan Static NFTs coming on @bollycoin.”

Bollycoin is a NFTs marketplace, which is specially made for the bollywood celebrities to offer the sales of NFTs collectibles. The younger brother of the Slaman Khan also joined the Bollycoin Marketplace. 

Here Salman khan & his brother Arbaj Khan have partnership with the Bollycoin to organise their NFTs collectibles sales online.

Bollywood in NFTs crypto 

Before this, Amitabh Bachchan & Sunny Leone announced the launch & sale of NFTs collectibles. 

Most of the NFTs of the Bollywood actors and actresses contained movie posters and their own physical items. And obviously these are part of the need of fans only because no one will buy blindly. 

It is worth to note that, Salman Khan like stars have very big reach in the adults of India, so we can expect how much chances of getting better success through the Nfts sale is possible.

Such kind of entry of the big celebrities in NFTs concept, originally generated from bollywood, is going to push high profile celebrities in the crypto industry also because through such types of initiatives, they will come to know about the potential of blockchain and crypto also. 

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