Brazil Government Starts Crypto Investigation Team

Brazil Government Starts Crypto Investigation Team

  • Brazil has taken steps to officially develop an investing agency.
  • Agents will undergo special training for dealing with crypto scams.

The Brazilian government has announced the creation of a new investigation team that will specifically function only for crypto-related scams and cases. The crew will undergo certain training focusing on cryptocurrency and the technology behind it.

#Brazil launches a #crypto #investigation unit to clamp down on an overall uptick of #cryptocurrencies related scams. Could be a useful initiative to set aside concerns of new entry users.

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The existing rules and regulations are very feasible when it comes to crypto, so the accused easily finds loopholes. And the unit will also warn the crypto users about the backend flaws along with educating them.

Crypto Regulations around Globe

Every nation is trying to either join the crypto into the existing financial market or bring on new laws or points to the digital assets sector. But the decentralization and distributed nature make the investigation of those crimes difficult. 

Frederico Meinberg, the coordinator of the unit and public prosecutor,

“The best training for an agent dealing with digital assets is to interact with the market. Without practice, we can offer the best tools that, in the end, the agent will not know what to do with.”

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