Busta Rhymes, Dungeon Dragon “Rawring” Again With The HUSL

[PRESS RELEASE  Gros-Islet, Saint Lucia – 28th September 2021]

NFTs have become a safe space for artists all over the world because of their unparalleled distribution capabilities and direct connection between the fans and artists. The HUSL aims to use this capability of NFTs to remove the intermediaries from the music industry and connect artists directly to their fans.

The HUSL has partnered with Busta Rhymes, a world-renowned rapper who is ready to launch his first NFT collection called Dungeon Dragon.

Dungeon Dragon holds a special place in Busta’s life and personal meaning. Busta Rhymes became popular as Dungeon Dragon from East Flatbush once separated from his band 16 bars. This name brought Busta a lot of success and helped him grow as an artist to become the soulful legend is today.

“Its an honor to launch Busta’s 1st ever NFT collection, especially one with that pertains to an image which holds such deep meaning to him”, said founder and CEO of The HUSL, Varun Bajaj.

The Dungeon Dragon NFT collection is a tribute to his journey and will be launched exclusively on The HUSL. The HUSL is a disruptive NFT platform designed to break the existing monotonous and unfair industry standards of the music industry. The HUSL aims to create a symbiotic relationship between creators and consumers and bring exclusive and rare NFT collectibles to the fans.

About The Dungeon Dragon NFT Collection

Busta Rhymes is launching an exclusive Dungeon Dragon NFT collection on The HUSL on Thursday, September 30th, 2021. Before the launch, on Wednesday, Busta will participate in a live Twitter Space with The HUSL to announce the collection and the significance behind the collection.

The Dungeon Dragon collection will include three NFTs – Red, Silver, and Gold. All of these three NFTs are priced differently and hold several exciting hidden rewards. About 10% of each Tier collector will be selected to be rewarded with exclusive perks that involve Busta such as private and group zoom calls and autographed memorabilia.

The price of the NFTs are as follow,

Gold – .20 ETH
Silver – .10 ETH
Red – .05 ETH

All three NFTs hold special meaning to Busta Rhymes and celebrate his journey of becoming the star he is today. Busta took to Twitter to announce the impending launch of the NFTs.

About Busta Rhymes

Trevor George Smith Jr. professionally known as Busta Rhymes is an American record producer and Rapper. The 49-year-old artist has several laurels to his name with his hit songs such as Touch it (2006), I Know What You Want (2002), and Break Ya Neck (2001).

Busta Rhymes has been an active part of the NFT community and will be releasing a Dungeon Dragon NFT collection soon on The HUSL.

About The HUSL

The HUSL is a revolutionary music-based NFT platform designed to empower artists and creators by connecting them directly with their fans. The platform aims to disrupt the existing music industry distribution model which is rigged to help distributors and other intermediaries and give complete control to the artists.