Crypto exchange Bybit is rewarding users who deposit altcoins and trade on its exchange. Called the ‘Deposit Blast-Off,’ the contest is currently ongoing and runs until November 18—rewarding new with up to $3,000 in bonuses.

“And just to sweeten the deal, if your trading volume adds up to more than $100,000 before Nov. 25, 2021, you’ll be included in an exclusive lucky draw featuring a grand prize of 0.1 BTC,” adds Bybit in a post.

Once registered, users must make all deposits within seven days for them to be considered in the calculation of your reward. Any deposits made after this timeframe will not be considered in the calculation of the reward.

For example, if a user makes a first-time deposit comprising $5,000 worth of BTC and $1,000 worth of ETH within seven days of the event registration, their total eligible deposit is $6,000. User A will therefore receive a 180 USDT bonus and a 10 USDT coupon.

The list of assets that are eligible as deposits: BTC, ETH, BIT, USDT, XRP, DOGE, DOT, EOS, LTC, XLM, AAVE, AXS, CHZ, COMP, DYDX, LINK, MANA, MKR, SUSHI, UNI, YFI.

There are some caveats to the deposit event: All rewards will be distributed within 15 working days after eligible users make their deposit. Users must ensure that all funds deposited are held in their accounts until the issuance of the bonus and coupon.

As such, the eligible deposits do not include assets transferred from one Bybit account to another, nor bonuses or coupons of any kind.

Furthermore, Bybit bonuses and coupons can only be used for Perpetuals and Futures, and cannot be used for Spot trading.

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