Canadian Biconomy Exchange Launched Native Token – BIT

[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer]

Now, the exchange has launched a new native token – BIT. The BIT token has a multitude of uses, making it an extremely promising investment prospect.

The BIT token is now publicly traded and is available to investors on the PancakeSwap starting on 06.09.2021

BIT Token Utilities

Biconomy Token is the native cryptocurrency exchange token of Biconomy’s reputation and development is a significant factor in BIT’s value. Holders of BIT tokens can take advantage of the following BIT token benefits, which will make it a reliable and secure asset:

  • 50% of transaction fees for repurchasing and burning BIT to curb inflation. The other 50% will be distributed to token holders in the form of USDT.
  • A 6% transaction tax is applied to each BIT transaction, of which 4% is removed for destruction, while 2% is returned to the wallet with currency.
  • The current market has no exchange tokens that follow this model!
  • Special trading commissions to BIT holders.
  • Owning BIT tokens gives a chance to participate in high-quality projects investment.
  • Biconomy launched futures trading in Q3 of 2022, income goes for repurchasing and burning BIT.
  • BIT will be applied to smart chain, DEX, and other potential Biconomy products.


Biconomy also published a two-year long-term strategic roadmap. Biconomy’s SWAP product is in development – so you’re always able to swap cryptocurrency instantly, buy BIT Token with any cryptocurrency, even without trading skills, simply and conveniently.

Biconomy wants BIT Token holders to have access to a decentralized system for managing the exchange – the BIT DAO System. The platform will use the Solana ecosystem, so BIT Token holders will receive extra tokens if they use the exchange in the future.

BIT Staking

Biconomy plans to make the product a true consolidated tool with a wide variety of features.
Investors must have BIT tokens and BUSD on Metamask or Trust wallet in order to stake BIT and be able to get even more BIT tokens. BIT-BUSD LP is obtained by creating a pool on Pancake Swap. In the first round of BIT Staking, BIT Tokens worth 10 billion have been allocated as a reward.


Biconomy is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada. Founded in 2019, the company has offices in Canada, the UK, Russia, South Korea, and Japan.

A world-leading exchange, it provides professional and secure trading services to more than 300K+ crypto traders around the world.