Cardano-Based Platform Ravendex Released its Demo

Cardano-Based Platform Ravendex Released its Demo
Cardano-Based Platform Ravendex Released its DEX Demo

Ravendex has announced the first decentralised exchange launch, with just an October 5, 2021, private seller date set. You may see a demo of the platform.

The $RAVE currency is based on the Cardano Network and has a total money supply of 1 billion tokens, and according to the Ravendex team. Could use the coin to engage with the Cardano platform, endorse or provide liquidity to Cardano initiatives, and be used for a stake.

The Private Sale for adopters is the first part of the Rave token sale. On October 5, 2021, the token sale will begin, and interested investors can seize the opportunity to participate in the currency. The developers indicated five sale phases, with 100 million $RAVE tokens available to buy at 0.00225 ADA per token for adopters.

The public sale phase would pave the way again for the seed phase, which will offer 200,000,000 $RAVE tokens at a slightly higher price of 0.0027 ADA per token. Investors are encouraged to seize this opportunity to purchase as many tokens as feasible before the token gains traction in the hopes of a future increase in value.

According to the creators, he created the Ravendex project on the Cardano platform to resolve two major flaws with the cryptocurrency market. They want to be Cardano’s one-stop decentralised finance hub. They plan to focus on two primary elements that can provide value to the ecosystem’s initiatives.

Ravendex was built on the Cardano chain for a reason, according to the company’s management.

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