Cardano Foundation on Strong Views with Bank Integration

Cardano Foundation on Strong Views with Bank Integration
Cardano Foundation on Strong Views with Bank Integration

  • Cardano Foundation CEO has strong views on integration with banks.
  • The future for ADA will prosper with this strategic integration.
  • ADA to incorporate staking features through their bank tie ups.

This kind of stuff usually happens and are in fact quite common in the crypto industry. However, this time, it’s not just the development team or a marketing strategist on play boasting regarding their particular token themselves. 

And so, the CEO of Cardano Foundation, Frederick Gregaard answers all questions with the Cardano’s stable on its integration with more than 50 banks.

 In spite of this, the CEO gives out all his answers, views and opinions and to be precise, the benefits of integration with banks universally. 

The CEO answers all questions in a recent interview to the Reddit team.

The Questions

The main part of the interview was where the CEO was put forth with questions upon their firm’s recent public announcement. Yes, true to the fact a few months back the Cardano Foundation announced that they are in the process of integrating with more than 50 banks. 

So most of the questions surround the fact in what ways this integration, especially with banks will be. 

Furthermore, the CEO was also questioned regarding the staking protocols that are to be incorporated with the bank integrations. 

The CEO’s Answers and Views

Firstly, the CEO Frederick Gregaard depicts that the main aspect with this integration is the fact that Banks are the ebay means to propel the usage of Cardano (ADA) onto the best and maximum perspective possible. 

Moreover, the CEO terms that this would be the only way to enter into the overall utility chain. The more ADA is being put to use the more it will prosper. 

Furthemore, the CEO points out that the entire world is moving towards hyperinflation particularly with cryptocurrency. As the entire world is now awakened with such hyperinflation, adoption of a broader perspective will be the only key way for any country to play their part. 

Moreover, with the staking as the main agenda, staking through whatever crypto platform or native token platform it may be, many are not to be so legit and trustworthy. 

On the other hand, if this staking is being done through banks, eventually banks could pull out the best as staking is their complete job they are entitled for. Besides, trust in banks is the most compared to other financial bodies though. 

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