Cardano founder says ‘this is critical for the long-term viability of Cardano’

Cardano founder says ‘this is critical for the long-term viability of Cardano’
Cardano founder says ‘this is critical for the long-term viability of Cardano' 6

The Cardano founder shared his point of view on the suggestion of the Cardano developer that is needed for the success of the Cardano project. 

One of the developers in Input-output Hong Kong global (IOHK) wrote on Twitter about the deployment of the concept of the alternative node to push the Cardano blockchain toward success in terms of a highly decentralized network. On this, Charles Hoskinson CEO and founder of the Cardano project responded and said:

“Client diversity is critical for the long-term viability of Cardano. I’d love to see a Typescript, Rust, and Haskell client all working together and certified against the formal specifications.”

The developer further noted that Haskell (native programming language of Cardano blockchain) is the best choice to implement specs first. But according to him, Rust is the best option for implementation reliability and performance. 

This proposal to implement an alternative node concept pointed out many factors, which insist on implementation in the Cardano blockchain. 

The developer further added: 

“Alternative node implementation in a language with a larger developer community enables rapid prototyping of new ideas, experimentation, and diversity of thought in non-key areas, such as networking protocols. It also provides a great foundation to build different side chains on top.”

But in the end, the developer noted that there may be a risk to the operations of the Cardano blockchain because of even a single bug in the code of Haskell. A single coding bug in Haskell may end up into a problem for the operations of the whole Cardano blockchain network. 

Well, here it will be interesting to see if Cardano founder will consider deploying alternative client nodes to compete against the existing flagship networks. 

Plunge in Cardano (ADA) 

A few days ago, eToro exchange announced to delist the Tron(TRX) coin and Cardano ( ADA) coin for the UK users and claimed that they are doing the same because of regulatory concerns with these crypto assets, however, these two coins will remain available to trade for non-UK users of eToro exchange. 

After the announcement of eToro on TRX and ADA, both of these two coins plunged at a rapid rate within a few hours. However, there was a role because the crypto market crash also. 

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