Cardano partners with Esports Firm Rival 4

Cardano announced partnership with a E-sport based platform to bring a big revolution with the use of Cardano’s NFTs ecosystem with Rival. 

After the deployment of the Smart contract feature on Cardano mainnet. The Cardano team held “Cardano Summit 2021″. Through the summit, the Cardano team announced many partnerships with multiple crypto firms to expand the Cardano ecosystem and bring revolution in the crypto industry through development of crypto firms together to bring unique facilities for the Cardano users. 

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In the latest, Cardano team established a partnership with Rival. Rival is a E-sport blockchain firm. Under this partnership, Cardano ecosystem will provide Rival & all their partners to use the Cardano protocol based NFTs platform to create and distribute the collectibles. And Here it is worth to note that creating and distributing the NFTs collectibles are not only part of this partnership and service of Cardano.

Cardano will allow the redemption of the NFTs with physical goods and also Royalties for Rival platforms within the ecosystem. 

Rival have many engagement rights like NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, NBA’s Detroit Pistons, and English Premier league clubs Aston Villa and Watford. And it will not be surprising to hear when they will add more sports teams because day by day they are growing rapidly. 

Matt Virtue, Ceo of the Rival, stated about this partnership and said that partnership with the Cardano team is going to be a big milestone for the Rival. And also asserted that partnership with the Cardano will unlock many types of advancement and potential of the Rival platform to represent it at its best. 

Cardano ecosystem will help Rival to provide better experience for the Rival customers and partners.

After the successful Alonzo Hardfork on the Cardano mainnet, Cardano team seems bullish on the partnership with other crypto firms to expand their ecosystem more fastly because not only Cardano project want to make their platform available for other firms but other crypto firms are always keeping their movement towards Cardano like best platform where trust, security and potential it at very high level. 

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