Teddy DAO

Teddy DAO: Bridging the Gap Between Charity and Web3 Education on Polkadot

In the fascinating confluence of philanthropy and cutting-edge technology, Teddy DAO, an initiative built on the Polkadot blockchain, is on a mission to introduce traditional donors to the intricate world of Web3. The project has successfully raised approximately $14,000 to support a wide array of charitable causes, encompassing initiatives focused on children’s welfare, combatting human…

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Sustainability: What do DAOs need to succeed in the long run?

The growing presence of projects identified as DAO raises the question: What makes them sustainable across time and technology changes? The rising popularity of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) reflects the growing tendency toward the creation of community-focused projects within the Web3 ecosystem.  At its core, a DAO is an organizational structure that allows decentralized decision-making within a…

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