Ripple Joins Forces With Uphold to Improve Cross-Border Crypto Payments Liquidity

Ripple has partnered with Uphold to improve its cross-border crypto payments infrastructure. Uphold will provide Ripple with “enhanced crypto liquidity capabilities.” Ripple offers services in over 55 countries, with payout capabilities in more than 70 markets, the company said, adding that it has processed $30 billion worth of volume and 20 million transactions. Ripple Partners…

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Ripple’s XRP Holds Potential for Trillion-Dollar Transformation in Banking with Calls for Widespread Adoption

Cryptocurrency analyst Kyren, known as NoBScrypto on Twitter (now X), conducted an analysis on the potential impact of cryptocurrencies like Ripple’s XRP and XLM on international bank transfers. Kyren, drawing from four years of experience in banking, highlighted various issues associated with traditional finance, including the slow pace and high costs of processing international transfers….

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SEC seeks to keep Hinman documents hidden in Ripple case

SEC’s request to seal documents in the Ripple Labs case has sparked criticism from the community. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has requested to seal the infamous Hinman Speech documents, claiming that they are not relevant to the court’s summary judgment decision. The Motion to Seal Summary Judgment Document was filed by the SEC…

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