CEO Allen Wei Shares Insights On Metaverse And More On The “The LBank Show”

CEO Allen Wei Shares Insights On Metaverse And More On The “The LBank Show”

LBank, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, is happy to announce the successful launch of The LBank Show with Allen Wei as the first guest.

According to the LBank team, The LBank Show was inaugurated for the industry leaders and innovators to help them connect with crypto enthusiasts. The LBank Show aired its first episode through YouTube and was hosted by Muhammed Murtezic, LBank’s global social media manager. Murtezic presented a few questions to Allen Wei, the Global CEO of LBank, on behalf of the users.

During the show, Wei gave his views on various trends in the market, including the Metaverse. He also gave his views on what users should expect in the near future. In particular, Wei noted the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrency in Dubai, which has been deemed one of the most crypto-friendly places in the world.

Wei also explained that LBank had put its focus on early projects because it recognizes the potential within these projects. LBank’s vision of ‘Trade early with LBank’ has served as the strong motivation in offering support to these projects. Wei added that LBank gave these projects the support needed to grow their operations from infancy. He further went on to deliver a message to users to join early potential projects which they can find in LBank.

The show saw the participation of many users who were eager to hear from their CEO. Notably, many of the users were eager to know about LBank’s security features, mainly how safe are the funds in LBank. While answering this, Wei pointed out that LBank has not been hacked since its inception in 2015, showing LBank has been very fortunate and successful at keeping unwanted parties from its systems. Wei also added that the lack of hacks is a testament to how professional and skilled LBank’s security department has been. 

Lastly, Wei revealed his interest in the latest trend, the Metaverse pointing out that it has a bright future. This is just the beginning, and many more episodes will be aired and updated in the coming days.

The LBank exchange specializes in financial derivatives and professional asset management services. The platform currently has over 6.4 million users from over 200 regions across the globe. 

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