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Thanks for joining us for this interview. Please tell us more about yourself.

Thanks for having me, glad to be here. I’m called “Captain”, Co-Founder and CEO of Octaplex Network. I know it may look a bit strange using a pseudonym, but we are acting in a space of wolves and for now this is just a personal security measure. I am KYC’d, so my data is available if anything happens and all of our Partners know who i am. Back to topic — I am specialized in data analysis with more than 10 years of experience in the crypto space.

You mention that you have been in the crypto industry for a while before venturing into Octaplex. What are some of the projects you worked on? Could you highlight some of your achievements?

I was an early Bitcoin investor which had some bad luck with it while “overdoing” security. Things like this happen and I left that chapter behind. I started participating in smaller projects mostly as a community mod before I decided to actively work for projects. I acted more as an advisor than really being part of it — helping out with my experience and bringing structure into teams. But I also learned the hard way that if you work with people you do not know they might backstab you and destroy everything you worked for. This fact made me even more cautious of who I work with. In my view the biggest achievement for me was working out the concept of Octaplex, because it is the one of the most advanced, complex and progressive concepts out there

How did the concept of Octaplex come to be? How did you choose the ecosystem’s name?

The concept itself was brought to life after a long experience of being in the crypto markets in multiple ways. The fairly recent emergence of BSC network brought a lot of projects which were trying to create something, but it usually ended in a short manner as teams were either un-original with their ideas, could not fully develop what they had imagined or even had bad intentions. That is where the idea of Octaplex started. We wanted to improve all the lacks we have seen in most other projects, and also aimed to build on top of DeFI concepts we found worthy, while striving to improve this whole space by networking and helping each other in the process and of course build the whole concept around safety.

Tell us more about the team. How did you decide who to bring on board for this project?

I was in the “lucky” position, that the team already existed. I knew two of the founding members before and I joined them after criticising a lot of what was presented to me. So I helped to create the concept and build it up to the current state while structuring workflows and keeping everything professional. Honestly I would not have joined if I had any doubts this team could go all the way. We built a great bond within the team and enjoy working with each other and that is a great foundation for any team.

The Octaplex Network brings an entirely new concept to yield farming. What would you say has been the biggest challenge in developing the unique project?

One of the greatest challenges was creating the smart contract itself. Our developer, Zander, did not want to fork an existing one, so he started writing it from scratch. This was not an easy task since our contract includes lots of different mechanics and features, which all had to be first thought out well enough, and later implemented into the code and tested thoroughly. We wanted to build something that was never there before and Zander managed to do that.

Could you name some of the things the project has so-far achieved?

We are always working to make our vision come true. Our tokenomics work in a unique way as we tried to build something unique and progressive. That’s also why we decided not to fork an existing thing. Our tokenomics include our rewards system, where holders can gain rewards for holding in multiple currencies, random airdrops, a lottery function and price stabilizing mechanics like a buyback and burn function (that’s not created artificially by a bot). So to release a contract like this is a milestone on its own.

Other milestones in my opinion are our dApp — where holders can choose up to 6 different currencies out of a variety — including our partner’s tokens, talking about partners –

Lots of partnerships in the network, all hand selected and legitimate projects by good people who share our vision, an amazing community of supporters and believers in the project and reaching a development goal that is going to be released soon, earlier than expected.

And our latest released product — the PlexSwap. A safe swap exchange enabling users to swap from our ecosystem tokens, thus removing the possibility of using any fake contracts or scam tokens, instead having listed only the legitimate projects for everyone’s safe experience.

What is your vision for Octaplex? Where do you see the ecosystem in the next few years?

In the next few years we will be striving to achieve our goals of being among the top crypto projects in the multichain field. Our network is to be a multichain, large and coordinated one, helping lots of projects achieve their goals and serving as an incubator for quality teams to develop their projects successfully. Our and networked project’s respective communities should have a safe place to communicate, share and find new investment opportunities among the projects of the network. It will be a decentralized place where each user will feel equal from the start and get awarded for their activity in the network.

Any final comments before closing the interview?

First, I want to thank you for these professional and well thought questions, which truly provided me the opportunity to “get our project closer” to a wide range of respected readers. I would also like to invite anyone interested, or having questions about any side of the project, to join us in our Telegram group and feel free to ask anything or just meet the community and the team better.
Another thing I wish to say is that I am truly inspired by the teams we have partnered up with, as lots of them share the same vision as we do which gives us all an even clearer vision of what we are all trying to achieve — a better and safer version of decentralized finance for everyone. I wish each of them the best of luck in their paths of development and am looking forward to further cooperation. If there are any teams reading this and “feeling” our vision as well, please feel free to contact us and let’s see where it goes!

Thanks for your time. Where can people learn more about Octaplex?

For anyone interested to know more about Octaplex Network; there are plenty of online sources to read from. The easiest way to access information about our project is through our Website, social media platforms, articles and our Telegram group. There are also plenty of Youtube videos explaining our project, as well as the Whitepaper which holds lots of information about the project, and is currently in the process of being reworked into a much larger and professional V2 — putting a stronger emphasis on our products and the network aspect of the project. Our Medium articles also do a very good job at explaining some of the project’s aspects in detail, such as our vision, and there are also several articles with AMA session recaps where the team answered different types of questions about Octaplex. For anyone who has further questions, we are always gladly welcoming new members to our Telegram group, along with answering their questions in a thorough and detailed manner.

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