ChangeHero To Remediate Challenges Beginners May Encounter With Cryptocurrency Exchanges

ChangeHero To Remediate Challenges Beginners May Encounter With Cryptocurrency Exchanges
ChangeHero To Remediate Challenges Beginners May Encounter With Cryptocurrency Exchanges

It has been observed that the crypto space is never short of new enthusiasts regardless of the unstable market situation. Meanwhile, as the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to approach mainstream, the records of new venturers are on a significant rise whether or not the market is bullish or bearish.

However, these new enthusiasts are often faced with certain challenges due to different factors. A majority of the problems faced with beginners in the crypto space are usually with crypto exchange platforms.

In a bid to protect the interests of new users, ChangeHero, a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange has provided a user-friendly platform to curtail most of the problems beginners experience with cryptocurrency exchanges.

Problems Faced With New Users

  • Complicated User Interface

This is a very common problem faced by many beginners. People tend to find new platforms quite complicated since they lack familiarity with the platform. Yet, considering the unfriendly user interface designed with most platforms, it will be very challenging for new users to get acquainted with the system.

  • Technical Issues and Security Breaches

This challenge is quite similar to the first problem discussed. These exchanges themselves are prone to certain technical issues that may turn down their services.

This would be a big challenge to users who are yet to get used to the system as their access to the platform would be restricted at the period. These technical issues and security breaches are often unavoidable most of the time, yet they might cause tension in the mind of new users who have no idea how to handle the issue.

More so, if these cases lead to cyber attacks on the platform, the users’ funds would be at stake and new users would not be exempted from the loss.

Some other problems beginners may encounter include; denial of self custody at first experience, problems with preferred pairs and accumulated fees, and many others.

Fortunately, ChangeHero has designed a platform to eliminate the setbacks new users encounter with crypto exchanges.

ChangeHero May Be The Hero For New Users

ChangeHero, a non-custodial platform often regarded as an instant cryptocurrency exchange has sought to get rid of these challenges and make the experience easy and smooth for new crypto ventures.

The platform aims to provide an easy way to exchange cryptos. As such, it is designed with no complicated trading features and does not need any requirement to open an account with the platform.

It is correct to say the platform is the Hero platform for beginners considering the exclusive easy trading features it possesses as well as the best transaction rate it offers to users.