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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) quickly became one of the hottest topics within the cryptocurrency industry and, perhaps what’s even more interesting, outside of it. Celebrities, sports legends, artists, and regular folk discuss NFTs, participate in various drops, sales, and projects alike.

Yet, it goes without saying that there’s a pattern to a lot of the non-fungible token projects out there. Almost all of them would create a collection of limited edition pieces, most commonly some sort of catchy and meme-based artwork, drop it through a minting event, and watch its price skyrocket through the secondary market, largely thanks to the growing hype.

A team that seeks to do things differently is the one behind Cicadas Puzzle Club (formerly Cicadas Finance). With a flair for creating intricate mysteries and exciting incentives, the project attempts to create a drops platform for puzzle NFTs that would leave its mark on the industry.

What is the Cicadas Puzzle Club

First things first, it’s worth noting that the project was previously known as Cicadas Finance, but it went through a complete rebrand and has now pivoted to what they call the Cicadas Puzzle Club.

The team’s passion lies in creating exciting cryptographic puzzles, and they claim to have particularly interesting ideas for future drops and games.

Cicadas Puzzle Club

The goal of the project is to expand the platform into becoming one suitable for puzzle NFT drops. In essence, they aim to become for puzzle NFTs what Artblocks is for generative art. The plan is to start offering their very own drops on the platform, each one of which will be low-mint number collections of quality art with built-in mini puzzles for those who wish to solve and win a portion of the sales from the entire collection.

The backbone of the drops system will be the Cicadas NFTs.

The Cicadas NFTs

Cicadas represent a collection of 10,000 highly detailed NFTs that are 3D modeled and contain randomly generated and weighted rarities. These particular traits include a combination of various textures such as precious gemstones and coed matrix bugs.

Each cicada is programmatically generated from 150 different parts, which deliver over 100,000,000 possible combinations to produce the final set of NFTs.

The art is then stored as a token stored on Ethereum’s blockchain using the ERC-721 protocol standard.

For every 25% Cicadas that are sold, the team will drop a set of puzzles with 75 ETH worth of prizes for those who manage to solve them. These puzzles require different skills to solve, and the team promises to always drop fresh ones.

The first puzzle has already been through and successfully completed. One of the participants, code-named PoGo, explained the thought process that enabled him to win the competition in a detailed Medium post.

How To Get Cicadas

There are two ways to get a Cicadas NFT. The first is the classic minting process. Minting Cicadas NFTs is relatively easy, and it doesn’t require any special prior experience. Users need to go to the minting page on the official website, enter the number of NFTs they want to mint. It is possible to mint up to 20 Cicadas per transaction.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. There are risks involved, please refer to the full disclaimer on the footer of this page.

What you need to do is set up a MetaMask wallet. To do so, users need to head to the official website and download the browser extension.metamask1_cicadas

There’s a quick registration process to follow, and users also need to create a seed phrase – this represents the private key, and it should be safely stored offline to prevent any attempts to hack your wallet.

Once the MetaMask is set up, users need to head to the Cicadas NFT website and simply connect the wallet to it – there’s an automatic pop-up that will require confirmation.




After this is done, users need to head to the “MINT” section from the top navigation menu, and they will see the following window pop:


Users can’t mint more than 20 NFTs at a time in a single transaction.

All in all, Cicadas Puzzle Club looks like an interesting NFT-based project with some exciting features and a different approach: Not just well-designed artwork in NFT-form but also an approach of gamification and building a sustainable community in this space. If you are into NFTs, like to solve puzzles and connect with like-minded people, CicadasPC is for you.

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