Clout.art’s SWAY token was listed for trade on the Gate.io exchange from 20:00 hrs (UTC+8) October 7th, 2021.

Following the token generation event (TGE), Clout.art’s SWAY token was allocated to all seed and private participants before being listed on leading exchanges like Gate.io and QuickSwap. SWAY was available for buying, selling, and full trading on Gate.io from 20:00 hrs (UTC+8) October 7th, 2021.

The TGE will create 100 million SWAY tokens, with another 100 million distributed as incentives for platform adoption. 10% of the 200 million SWAY will go to future airdrop, 17% will go to seed and private investors, 50% to platform incentives, and 9% to liquidity and reserves. The remaining 14% will be split between the founding team, partners, and marketing funds.


Gate.io ran a startup sale 24 hours before the main listing. It started on Wednesday. October 6th, 2021 at 17:00 hrs (UTC+8). The initial price offering for the SWAY tokens in the startup sale has been set at $0.07 and the sales target has been set at $50,000. This event gave enthusiastic investors the chance to become early adopters of a revolutionary social protocol that turns your “social capital” into an asset class. Full details on the startup sale can be found on the Gate.io site here.

In a statement about SWAY’s listing on Gate.io, Clout.art founder Jure Zih commented:

“We are delighted that Gate.io has decided to list SWAY. Social capital is a new asset class, and Gate.io has given the crypto community a gateway to unlocking its value. Now all eyes are on SWAY getting listed on October 7th!”

SWAY token holders will be able to stake their tokens with their favorite creators inside their creator pools. The staker will be rewarded with a percentage of the earnings every time the creator sells an NFT on the Clout.art platform. This is the beginning of a new era where staking is the new following. Creators and their fans will be able to earn and grow together while reducing their dependency on centralized social media platforms. Further use cases for the SWAY token include governance voting, platform incentives, and minting utility.

About Clout.art

Clout.art turns your most valuable content, such as your most successful Instagram posts, into unique NFTs. Your content becomes part of a valuable collection of assets and a source of income.

About Gate.io

Gate.io was created to enable a new generation of global traders with the tools to access the revolutionary age of cryptocurrencies, Gate.io was established in late 2017 and is now a top 10 crypto exchange by real volume.

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