Coin Bureau Youtube channel hacked despite 2FA protection

Coin Bureau Youtube channel hacked despite 2FA protection

It appears this was a coordinated effort targeting prominent crypto YouTubers, not just Coin Bureau.

Coin Bureau, a popular information portal for cryptocurrency developments with over 600,000 followers on Twitter, experienced a security breach on its Youtube channel on Monday. Hackers allegedly uploaded a video with links to scam fiat/cryptocurrency addresses soliciting a token sale before being taken down by Youtube. According to Coin Bureau staff, they were baffled by the incident as its accounts were “secured with ultra-strong passwords and Google security keys.”

This was by no means an isolated incident. Prominent crypto Youtubers such as Ivan on Tech and Real Vision Finance had their accounts compromised within the past few days. It appears to have been a coordinated effort as hackers uploaded a video titled “One World Cryptocurrency” across all breached accounts soliciting the same type of token sales. In addition, the accounts were all logged in from an IP address in the Philippines, although, the widespread of VPNs can make it difficult to track exact login locations.

It’s unclear how much the hackers took in as both creators, and Youtube quickly took down the scam videos. However, there have been unconfirmed reports from Twitter users claiming losses. One user, @James86965119, allegedly transferred $1,000 worth of digital currencies to the fake addresses posted by the hacker. In addition, if the allegations from the Youtubers are proven, then it would raise questions regarding the effectiveness of Google’s two-factor authentication service. Theoretically, hackers would not be able to access one’s Youtube account unless they had both the password and security key.

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