CoinSwitch Kuber became second Indian crypto unicorn company 2

Finally another crypto exchange of India joined the list of crypto unicorn companies after CoinDCX crypto exchange. 

Crypto adoption and crypto business are Increasing rapidly in india. Even many new companies are not lagging behind to start their crypto business in India amid huge uncertainty about crypto rules and regulations. CoinSwitch Kuber indicated many things through series c round funding.

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On 6 October, CoinSwitch Kuber, famous indian crypto exchange, announced through twitter that they became the second crypto unicorn firm of India. 

Through the Series C funding round, led by a16z, Coinbase, along with Tiger Global RibbitCapital, paradigm & Sequoia India, CoinSwitch Kuber secured a total $260 million fund. 

And now the total valuation of the CoinSwitch Kuber is around  $1.6 billion, which is sufficient for cryoto firms to become a unicorn company. 

This kind of achievement by these Crypto exchanges, shows that they know very well about the future regulation and rules on the crypto business in India, that is why they are taking such steps to push their crypto business to a high level. 

It would not be wrong to say that CoinSwitch Kuber crypto exchange doing well through the advertisements on social media and OTT platform with the the hash #KuchTohBadlega. 

Before this CoinDCX exchange grabbed the number one position as the first crypto unicorn firm of India. And also CoinDCX exchange is trying their best to bring the users to their platform from every part and locality of India.

Recent survey also shows that many citizens of non-metro cities area of India, want to invest in crypto but they are not getting better guidelines to follow and understand the crypto that how it works and how they can take advantage of it.

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