Comparing Best Crypto Signals Provider – October 2021

Comparing Best Crypto Signals Provider – October 2021
Comparing Best Crypto Signals Provider - October 2021

Crypto signals are one way to trade cryptocurrencies without the time or expertise needed. They use expert traders’ strategies, which may help you jump into this market with some guidance on how it works so that can invest better going forward!

Traders use the signals to make money and get ahead of other investors, but what are they? We’ll cover the best crypto signal types for any trader looking to take their game up a notch or two with this informative guide!

Best Crypto Signals Provider in October 2021

The cryptocurrency market has been growing steadily for some time now and it’s not surprising that more people are getting into trading. A recent rise in the value of various coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum means that those who missed out on investing then can still get involved with a small amount from their savings account!

The internet is flooded with crypto signals, and it can be difficult for new traders to find the best one. Here we will provide five of our favorite strategies that have helped us boost return on investment (ROI).

Here are 4 of the best crypto signals provider 


2.. Altsignals

3.. 4C Trading

4.. Verified Crypto Traders – Most Professional Paid and Free Crypto Signals

MCP offers traders, both new and experienced in cryptocurrency markets, an opportunity for their skills. The team at MCP has been able to maintain an extremely high success rate with accurate signals and minimize risks, which are comprised primarily of 4 expert traders who have had plenty of experience, over 7 years, in trading throughout this ever-changing crypto landscape!

MCP provides more than just signals. They also offer crypto market insights and updates that also work as educational material covering the gamut from using leverage to swing trading, all in an effort to help new and struggling traders become successful.

The MCP team always makes sure to post all of their crypto signals on the Telegram channel, so you can trade with a platform that’s as trustworthy and transparent as it gets! 

MyCryptoParadise Pricings

There are 3 subscription plans to choose from which give you access to their VIP Paradise channel, all featuring basic crypto signals and events alongside your news updates. The plans go as monthly, half-yearly, and annually, starting from $369/month. Users feeling skeptical of their services can join MCP’s free telegram channels to see the Paradise team in action and if you like it, you can subscribe to their channels. It has been noticed that most of the premium subscribers continue to stay in premium channels after the first month.

MyCryptoParadise also offers account management services for those looking to grow their portfolio but lacks time.

What Exchanges MCP Targets?

At the time of writing MCP supports a variety of exchanges including 

Binance, Kraken, Bitmex, ByBit and target almost all the major trending cryptocurrencies and pairs.

2. AltSignals – Crypto Signals For Experienced Traders

AltSignals has been a top-rated provider of crypto trading signals for years. The company estimates that a good number of its members stay around paying after their first month with Alt Signals. AltSignals also claims the accuracy rates from forex trading strategies like Binance Futures or Forex are 80%.

Started in 2017, AltSignals have continued to offer its services nonstop and has maintained a good reputation among its members that sums up to around 50k in their telegram groups. They also have an outstanding environment where all the market updates and insights are shared in a tutoring way so newbies can understand and become smart traders.

AltSignals Pricing

AltSignals have a plan for both forex and futures traders. They offer Binance futures and forex signals starting at $135/month each. If you want to utilize their AltAlgo indicator, that would cost $270/month.

AltAlgo is a complex trading bot that helps you to maximize your return on investments (ROIs) from anywhere in the world. Rather than using traditional tools, AltAlgos watches and analyzes any market for price fluctuations.

This Indicator Script is a must-have for cryptocurrency traders who want to leverage the best risk to reward ratio with less involvement. It uses advanced algorithms to scan historical data and notifies you when price movements are about to happen in real-time.

3. 4cTrading – Creating Trading Signals Using Smart Crypto Bots

4C Trading is a company that offers trading signals and automated Bitcoin robots for those who want more control over their money. They started as just providing crypto signals, but quickly realized there was demand in the market of people wanting bots instead – so they made it happen!

4C Trading offers Smartbots which can be set to automate bitcoin and Ethereum trading. Users also gain access to the SMART margin, where the most accurate signals from the market are available! On top of that, the user interface of 4C trading is pretty user-friendly and even a newbie wouldn’t have trouble getting by.

How To Trade Using 4C?

Creating an account with 4c trading is easy and quick. Simply subscribe, create your API key on the exchange of choice, link up any crypto trades accounts you might have- including those from other exchanges! Then let SMART bots do all work for you by simply entering in some basic info about yourself like how much capital is available to trade leverage-wise. According to 4C, they offer up to an 85% success rate, which can only be proven to you when you try it yourself.

4C Pricings

4C Trading is the perfect match for everyone! You can always find a plan that suits your needs, whether it’s for a novice or seasoned trader. Customers are rewarded when they refer friends and family too so there really isn’t any reason not to them a try.

4.. Verified Crypto Traders – One Of The Oldest Signals Providers

Verified Crypto Traders is a renowned crypto trader that has been around since 2017. They provide traders with signals and trade recommendations based on their analysis of market trends, news announcements, technical charts etcetera – all from experienced pros in different parts of the world!

All trades are matched by an experienced team who hail from countries like the Netherlands or India but also include people hailing from America where there’s no shortage when it comes down getting skilled at something worthwhile which makes this group more than qualified enough to take care of all your needs whether novice

One of the key features of Verified Crypto Traders is their ‘The Platinum Club’ which is a group of video traders who share their knowledge with the world in hopes that it will help you improve your trading skills. They provide guidance and tools for risk management, technical analysis lessons on everything from market trends to chart reading tips – all designed by an experienced veteran trader named Eric!

There is a dedicated VIP channel for swing traders and scalpers. The Platinum club also provides videos, chat groups, and discussions about various educational topics as well as trade ideas that you can’t get anywhere else!

Verified Crypto Traders Pricing

For people looking for budget providers, Verified Crypto Traders has got your back with their affordable and undervalued fees. For the monthly plan, you’ll be paying just $99 a month on top of what is already included in today’s market prices for service. There are three different options available: quarterly ($270), bi-annual ($540), or annual subscriptions at low introductory rates.