Crypto​.com beat Coinbase exchange at Google Play Store

Crypto​.com beat Coinbase exchange at Google Play Store
Crypto​.com beat Coinbase exchange at Google Play Store 2 achieved the first rank in terms of most downloaded apps at the Google Play Store ahead of TikTok, in the category of finance.

In the last week, Coinbase achieved 1st position in the top download app in the United States at the iOS App Store. And was at the 5th number. But now the situation has changed since 1 November. 

On 1 November, achieved no. 1 position at the Google Play Store in the list of top most downloaded apps in the United States.  While Coinbase grabbed the third position ahead of CashApp. Besides these three crypto giant platforms, it was Voyager Digital that grabbed the tenth position. The increase in the downloads of the Voyager is expected because of the announcement of the partnership with the Dallas Mavericks team of basketball. 

According to reports, the achievement of at number one position is because of the promotion & advertising of the platform in different sectors, especially in the sports industry. 

Recently, advertised its platform featuring actor Matt Damon. Matt Damon is a popular celebrity & big name. His appearance in crypto-based products is pushing services toward a huge number of non-crypto users. following trend 

Experts believe that the advertisement team of is much aware of the trend. They are pushing people toward crypto-based services instead of growing the ecosystem with a better user experience. 

Recently they listed the Shiba inu & Dogelon coin, which was totally out of the course of understanding. One can believe that listed Shiba inu because of huge demand but why did they listed Dogelon. Even Dogelon is that coin that has zero concept use cases, while Shiba inu coin has its expanded ecosystem like liquidity pool & swap to enable Shiba holders to make extra revenue. 

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