ranked in the top 10 Digital Bank in Asia ranked in the top 10 Digital Bank in Asia ranked in the top 10 Digital Bank in Asia 5 shows its presence at a high level by showing its presence at the seventh most popular neobank in APAC.

In the present time Neobanks ( digital banks) are growing their business and expanding their services more rapidly than traditional banks. The main reason for the growth of the Digital bank’s better services & all banking features within visiting the Banks. So Non Banks are providing more convenient ways to deal with the funds over traditional banks. 

A report made on Digital Banking in Asia Pacific. Report published by Banking Payment Context (BPC) and Fincog. 

Published report includes top 10 Neo Banks of Asia and is ranked at number 7, which is appreciable for because is not only a digital bank, but it is also a digital assets bank and also provides crypto trading services for their customers. ranked in the top 10 Digital Bank in Asia 4

Report also shows how Webank & Paytm established their services at the top in Asia. 

Report also suggested that 134.8 million clients entered the Neobanks services in the first half of 2021. While 437.2 million entered in this year, which is 44.57% more growth over last year. a game changer?

At one side traditional banks are grabbing huge huge amounts of account maintenance charges and also paying very low interest rates, but at another side these Neobanks are not taking any charges. 

People in the present time are moving towards more convenient and more profitable services instead of lazy services, which are only wasting time. is not only allowing crypto & banking services but also provides safety against any kind of theft in incidents through insurance coverage of $700 million.

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