Crypto Eats – Is There a New Food App to Be Released in UK?

Rumors are always what keeps the FinTech industry going and competitive. Amongst so many rumors, one is of a new food delivery app in development.

Crypto Eats, maybe soon be proud to announce its arrival sooner rather than later, as it aims to be launched in early 2022 or before the end of Q4 2021. The said decentralized food delivery app has been in the developing process since the last year, in order to bridge a food delivery payment system, which can bring in the use of the Cryptocurrencies, as well as the Credit card for the payments. Info from the sources is that the new food delivery app is being released in the UK, with all eyes on the reclusive blockchain developer, Wade Philips.

About Wade Philips

Wade, who as people might be aware had a secured private series A funding of $18 million in May 2020 for such a project after stating that he didn’t join the Solana Developer’s team for personal reasons only a month before in April 2020, which could be due to the unconfirmed reports that he did not intend for it to be on the Solana network.

Reports of Wade Philips’ app in the development stage have been around for quite a while with a driver alleging to have been a part of the testing of the network last year.

The implications and timing of this launch can see high demand for downloads of the app from new customers using the Crypto Eats app as demand for apps and sites accepting cryptocurrencies start to increase with larger companies such as Paypal, AMC Theatres and Tesla already accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payments. It won’t be long till UberEats may have to succumb to user demand.

Will a new startup be able to compete with the likes of Delivaroo and UberEats in the UK or will they have to also look at allowing Cryptocurrency payments on their app sooner rather than later? To keep up with the progress of new technology which allowed for companies like just eat to exist in the first place, only time will tell.