Crypto Exchange Bakkt Collaborates With Google for Payments

Crypto Exchange Bakkt Collaborates With Google for Payments
Crypto Exchange Bakkt Collaborates With Google for Payments

  • Bakkt crypto exchange collaborates with Google.
  • All sorts of payment solutions to be done with Google pay.
  • This ought to bring user friendliness to the nexxt level for the crypto exchange.

Joining hands with Google is obviously a big step for the Bakkt crypto exchange. In spite of this merging themselves with Google Pay is quite epic, owing to the acceptance of Google Pay globally. The wide acceptance of Google Pay for all sorts of retails and online, etc will now be featuring crypto payments as well. 

Collaboration With Google Pay

A few days back, by last Friday, the crypto exchange Bakkt announced officially that it has now partnered itself with Google. Upon this new collaboration, Google is said to provide all sorts of payment solutions through Google Pay for Bakkt. 

In spite of this, now crypto exchange Bakkt debit card users can now directly convert their crypto assets to fiat for all sorts of Google Pay enabled payments. In addition, now anyone can purchase upon retails and online extensively using Bitcoin (BTC) and other altcoins directly through Google Pay. 

Besides, the Bakkt exchange will not only be using Google Pay, but will be establishing itself into all sorts of Google based tools for its developments. Accordingly, Bakkt will be also using Google Cloud computing based tools for bringing out new geolocation and analytics functionaries. 

The CEO’s Comments

On the other hand, the CEO of Bakkt crypto exchange terms that they are extremely overwhelmed with the collaboration with Google in many aspects.

 In addition, he terms that this partnership will be a vital new source in making Bakkt establish itself and conquer the digital assets marketplace. 

Moreover, the reliability and trust over the exchange will be multiplied evidently, the CEO adds. And also, more technology driven features based upon using various Google tools will make Bakkt stand alone from other exchanges. 

Furthermore, with the range that Google Pay is currently being in use all over the world, adding a crypto payment feature through Bakkt exchange, will automatically increase the number of users for the Bakkt platform.  

In such terms, it seems Bakkt would soon be the world’s most preferable and largest crypto exchange soon in terms of usage and much more.

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